Out with the old (Valentine stuff) and time for some NEW Spring stuff!

And I am NOT ready!!!  Well, I have my ‘starter box’ of Easter leftover items from last year; but I haven’t got much NEW ready to go.  REALLY trying to use up what I have (craft supply wise) instead of buying new.  Forcing myself to look through the boxes I have before allowing myself to go shopping.

P1110871I had started on a few things before this durned bronchitis completely disrupted my life and crafting time!  These were the plastic pull apart eggs.  Covered them with tea stained paper scraps.

P1110873Turned out a bit ‘scrappier’ looking that I had envisioned.  Thought about sanding them or adding more tea stain . . .

P1110875But I settled upon GLITTERING them!

P1110877NOW what to DO with them?!?!?

P1110880I only have 10 of them; one is a larger size.  Decided to just bag them with some grass.

P1110879We’ll see how they sell like this.  I can always hunt for some little baskets to put them in if they don’t sell like this.

P1110903Got a couple of little nest collages done too.  I tend more towards SPRING things than actual Easter.  That way I can leave them out longer.

P1110904Still getting a lot of good use out of that old dictionary!  The pages are a perfect background for so many different themes!


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