How about a little contest?!?!?

Remember this big ole wall paper paste brush I showed you a short while ago?


I was ‘playing with it’ last night; and I am feeling pretty darn clever about how it turned out!

But instead of just SHOWING you what I did with it; I thought I’d help YOU get your own creative juices flowing by having you GUESS what I did with it.  The prize for the first correct guess will be your choice of ANY one of my e-books; as shown here in my etsy shop.

I will tell you that I ‘added to it’ but I did not take anything away from it (ie didn’t cut off the handle or remove bristles)  It is still completely in tact.

AND that it is functional for something other than its original use.

So, put your thinking caps on and leave your comment as to what you think I did with that big ole brush!


Ravensmom guessed that I added a clothespin and made it into a recipe holder.   And here it is:

P1110908I used e6000 to glue the clothespin to the handle, then covered the clothespin with some pretty pink paper to match the pink in the magnets.

P1110907The magnets I used were just ‘whatever I had’ on hand, but they dictated the color scheme.  A string of ribbon through the hole in the handle to hang it from and DONE!

P1110910I really wanted to include a little memo pad in the clothespin, but the ones that I had (3×3″ sticky pads) are all too big, and covered up the magnets.   SO if you are going to make something similar, use your notepad to determine how high you’ll need to place your clothespin.  OR position your clothes pin UPward, so the pad doesn’t cover the pretty magnets.

Will be taking this little lovely to my booth at Stars.

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  1. I think you used it in a frame with a spring theam along with it, what ever you did with its very clever i know lol,cant wait to see 😉

    • GREAT idea Louann! But that is not what I did. Keep in mind that in it’s NEW form it serves a FUNCTION.


  2. Hello. Did you paint it beachy blue and turn it into a big ole turkey baster?

  3. Did you make it into a picture/card holder?

  4. did you add a clothespin or clip to hold recipes?
    a jewelry display?
    add a hanger & some spring flair for a clever wall-hanging?
    did u somehow figure a way to turn it into a cloche?!
    paint it with chalkboard paint for a cute sign?
    Ack! I’m dying to know what you came up with!!! =)

    • Ravensmom,

      You guessed right on you FIRST guess. I did add a clothespin to use as a memo holder AND three magnets to the metal part for more memos! I’ll post the pictures of it shortly. Which one of my e-books would you like to have as your prize?


      • YAY!! How exciting!! I never win anything!! Let’s see….. do you still do the finial e-book?
        if not the one on re-doing thrift store furniture would be great!
        thanks so much!!! 🙂

  5. I think it will be a bird nest. Paint brush turned upside down. Judy

  6. Awww due to the time zone difference I didn’t get a chance to enter! Nice job though!

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