February sales report for my booth at Stars

I really didn’t have high hopes for this to be much of a ‘good month’ sales wise, given ‘everything else’ that is going on this month.  

P1110966So many other options for spending and drawing the attention of the shoppers; starting with the Junk Salvation show, then the Super Bowl, then the snow storm (which literally shut the city down for days!) then Valentine’s Day, President’s Day sales all over the place AND the Expo Antique show coming the end of the month!!!

P1110926After a disappointing (but not unexpected!) start to the month, once the snow cleared the shoppers came out to SHOP!

P1110937And again, as happened last month, LARGE pieces are selling very well.   I had quite a bit of restocking and rearranging to do yesterday after I packed up the Valentine leftovers.

P1110918Took this fabulous shabby cubby shelf in.  Perfect to display all my small white dishes in.

P1110919Pretty carved embellishment along the top.

P1110920Hooks on the back so it can be hung on the wall; but it also sits nicely on a flat surface, as I have done with it here.

P1110924Shabby aqua pedestal bowl, that for now (due to lack of room!) is being used as a prop up for a lamp.  Will fill it with shabby Easter eggs when I take the Easter stuff in.

P1110928I flipped this little shelf upside down to create a ‘pocket’ to store some journals in.

P1110931This is the plate rack I just re-did.  Perfect for displaying note cards in.

408772151Here’s the before version.

P1110796And the after.

P1110937To ‘build up’ my front facing display, I took my largest wood bench and ‘bridged it’ across the top of the two white end tables; then built my display UP from there.

P1110945You can see where I positioned the bench a little better here.

P1110944I really try to create my displays in LAYERS.  I try to think of how it will ‘break down’ and look if/when one or two of the pieces sell.  How it will be easiest for the sales staff to ‘un-do’ a display and remove a piece for a shopper; and quickly and easily  put it back in place without having to completely rearrange; yet not leave it a complete mess so that I have to make a trip in EVERY time something sells.  AND not leave any big empty HOLES when something sells.  I hate empty space!!  (as if you hadn’t already figured that out!)

P1110933Vintage ballet slippers under glass cloches.

P1110942I sold 36 of these monogram blocks last month!!  Little inexpensive ‘impulse items’ like this are always great to have.

P1110943I keep them right out in front; where there is room for the shopper to kneel down and dig through for the exact letters they need.

P1110948This 9 hole cubby seems small compared to the new 18 holer I just added.  This is a Pottery Barn re-vamp.  A little more of a classic style with the crown moulding on the top and bottom.

P1110949Upcycled little round table; lamp shade wire cloche sold separately.

P1110952More wire cloches and wire bird house.

P1110953Little 4 drawer apothecary chest.

P1110956Wall display.  The crate shadow boxes ARE for sale!

P1110970Shabby beachy blue frames.

P1110969Starfish frame.

P1110936Spring and Easter decor coming up next.

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  1. Wish I lived closer to Portland. Love your space at Stars and will visit next time I am in that area!

  2. So happy that you had a good month. As you said, with all the winter weather…..you were expecting less. Thanks for sharing your pics and ideas with all of us and continued success.

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