One good sale deserves ANOTHER!

The half off EVERYTHING moving sale signs are now posted in my booth at Curiosities in Beaverton.

P1120202Come and get it before it’s all gone.

P1120203It’s already starting to look a tad sparse.

P1120201Which is actually still pretty full according to how ‘most vendors’ stock their spaces.

P1120210This big aqua display shelf is half off $119.00.

P1120214I have two of these ‘two piece’ display towers.  The bottom ‘leg part’ is NOT attached to the shelf part, so they are really easy to load and take home.

7.13.13 Both + finds 157As you can see, they are not ‘exact’ matches to each other; one having more shelves than the other.  They are half off $139.00.

P1110608Even ALREADY marked down items will be an ADDITIONAL 50% off at checkout!

P1120310This big antique show at the Expo Center runs this Friday – Sunday; and Stars always has a sale THURSDAY – Sunday during  the Expo.

P1120305Each vendor chooses their own discount amount for this sale.  And since I’m doing 50% off at Curiosities, I decided “What the heck!  Why not be consistent and do 50% off at Stars as well!”

P1120220One SMALL difference between the two sales is that ‘already reduced’ items at Stars are NOT included in the sale.

P1120242I just added Easter decor to my booth at Stars.

P1120232Cute vintage chicks.

P1120239LOTS of bunnies!

P1120241ADORABLE little Easter goodie boxes for those who are too old for an Easter basket but still want their Easter CANDY!

P1120237Easter cloches.


MORE bunnies.

P1120254And bunnies under cloches!

P1120233Bunnies on dessert stands.

P1120231Clear glass bunnies.

P1120236Paper mache chicks.

P1120288Jars of speckled eggs.

P1120308Grubby tea stained and glittered eggs.

P1120264Jars of turquoise and aqua glitter eggs.


With my own hand mixed paper shred blend.

P1120259Some new spring nests in jars.


P1120272Lots of vintage wood bowls, natural wood and painted.

P1120303And a new batch of birds with crowns.

P1120249Come and get the goods while the goods are HALF PRICE.

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  1. AJ I love getting your emails and anticipating what you’ve done next! One question, where do you get your stencils? Have you accumulated them for a while, is there a good place to get them at a reasonable price, do you make your own?? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Hi Pamela,

      I have accumulated my stencils over a long period of time, and have posted the link in my blog a time or two. Here is one post with the link:

      I am signed up for their email list and get their sale notices, and usually post the sale info in my blog as well.

      The other source I use is:

      They also have an email list that you can sign up for to receive their sale notices.

      The die cut machine for making your own stencils runs over $700.00!!! NOT in my budget at this time; but maybe SOMEday I’ll be able to get one and make my own stencils. For now I just ‘stock up’ whenever they are on sale!

  2. Thanks AJ! I did manage to find the one addy on your site and looked there. I wouldn’t need as many as you (even though I would like them 🙂
    So I might look around Baton Rouge to see if there is something local too. Yes $700 is too rich for my budget too! Some of the ones you have are so neat!! I just love seeing what you do with your Trash to Treasures!! Thanks for writing back!

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