The moving sale at Curiosities is moving along QUICKLY . . . just ADDED more stuff!!

Week #2 of my moving sale at Curiosities and I’ve already had to take in MORE stuff!!  It was just looking TOO bare, too soon!  And Travis just called to let me know that ALL the rest of the aqua display shelves had just sold.  Reckon it’s time to break out the good ole ‘wood crates and boards’ to use for shelving.  (the crates will NOT be for sale, sorry; I ALWAYS have a need for those!)

P1120501“Borrowed” a few pieces from Michael to get me through last week; including this weathered cedar shelf with open back.  Perfect plant shelf for the patio.  Original price $80.00.  NOW JUST $40.00.

P1120500Also brought in these small aqua corner shelves.

P1120511This is 2 of them stacked on top of each other.  Regular price: $39.00.  Half off will be $19.50.

P1120531This one is slightly smaller than the other two.  Regular price: $29.00.  $15.50 at half off.

P1120534These bigger tan corner shelves are FABULOUS display pieces for a mall booth setting.  Corners are SO difficult to ‘use’ for display, and all too often are just left bare!  Make better use of  that valuable real estate with corner shelves like this.  they are big enough to stack a regular shelf on top of.  (which is what I usually did)  Originally $49.00; with half price discount $25.00.

P1120535ALL items in my booth at Curiosities still have the REGULAR price on the price tag.  The 50% discount will be given at check-out.

P1120519Another naturally weathered cedar piece; this time a ‘stair step’ shelf.  Great display piece or patio plant shelf.  Half off price is; $30.00.

P1120502Found a huge stash of altered journals!  They are marked down to $5.00 AND will get an additional 50% discount at check out.  Great to have on hand when you need a quick gift!


P1120504All of those are spiral bound.

P1120506These black and white ones are soft cover bound.

P1110608Big ole basket of marked down signs will also be reduced and ADDITIONAL 50% at check out.

P1120508Cutie patootie ‘going to grandma’s house’ size plaid fabric suitcases are now just $10.00 each.

P1120509Nice nesting set of display baskets is now $15.00.

P1120521LOTS of vintage pitchers and creamers still available.  I always keep these very reasonable priced.  MIGHT decide to pull all the white dishes and take them to Stars.  So if you’ve had your eye on these, get them NOW before I take them to Stars and they are FULL price again!

P1120544All in all, things are selling down much FASTER than I had expected.  After next week I’ll start pulling the things that aren’t moving.  Prices will NOT go lower than half off.  (I still have to pay my booth rent afterall!)

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