MORE “BADwill”, puppy love and other finds

I’ve been trying to stop by the Goodwill ‘bin’ (Outlet) store a little more often lately.  Half the time it’s a 2 minute ‘in and out’ quick look.  But then I DO find stuff, it’s really GOOD stuff and at really GREAT prices.  You just have to hit it at the right time; when they’ve had a huge influx of furniture and they start marking it all down to a DOLLAR!

(if you are in the Hillsboro area, that time is NOW!  There was a TON of furniture today; a lot of it not even priced yet; so the next couple of days they will be wanting to blow it out of there!)

I found an oval drop leaf coffee table, two toddler size chairs, a small book shelf , a funky little stand and a Jenny Lind cradle end piece; and three wine crates.  Two of the wine crates were in the furniture section with price stickers on them.  Then I found another one, EXACTLY THE SAME, in a bin on my way to check out.

There are at least ten people in line and only one register open, as far as ANY of the people in line could tell.  Finally the one cashier directed some of us to the other register, where the cashier had just been standing there doing NOTHING but watch people wait in line!  HELLO!?!?!?  There are no “this lane open” signs!  And there are always ‘stray employees’ behind the register who are NOT cashiers and will very pointedly tell you so.  sheesh!

So, I put up the two crates WITH prices first.  Then then unpriced one, saying “It’s just like the two priced ones so I’m assuming it’s the same price?”  She rings up my OTHER stuff; two of which ‘went by weight’; then says she has to call for a price check on the crates.  Not on the UNPRICED single crate.  Rather on the PRICED ones!  WTH!?!?  Explaining that they don’t usually price this stuff.  I wait patiently.

As I pay she asks if I know where to go to pick up the furniture.  Yes.  And do I know that they will NOT help me load it?  What?  For a company that is SUPPOSED to be helping disadvantaged people, the sure don’t help the CUSTOMER very well.

So I guess the moral of this story is, don’t buy anything you can’t lift and load by yourself! 

On to happier things now!


P1120862How darn cute is this vintage Scotty dog planter?!?

P1120869It was MADE IN JAPAN, so it’s probably a fairly valuable collectible.

P1120867But I don’t think I can part with it!


Such adorable expressions on their faces and those floppy ears!  It’ll make a nice pencil holder on my work table.


P1120873A frame with no backing.

P1120874A very chunky (and HEAVY) little foot stool.

P1120584A little white stool and a finial thingy.

P1120580Another calendar frame holder to turn into a tray like I did with this one.

P1120588A metal tub.

Now to just find time to work on all those projects!!


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  1. I know most of the Goodwill (or Op Shops as we call them here in Australia), use volunteers. I know that some of them have learning disabilities and need to be told to ‘open’ the register. Maybe that is the case here? Oh and just a hint, from one who photographs alot, you need to clean your lens on your camera. You can do this by using a spectacle cleaning cloth. Just open your camera like you are going to take a photo and then clean the lens. You have a ton of ‘spots’ which are dust. Thinking about the staff, I think maybe also many younger people have no idea on how to be service people. Not sure why your good will store had such issues. Just suck a biiiiig breath next time and know you are getting some great bargains. I am jealous of how many goodies you get! I love those gorgeous little puppies! Keep up the good work and I hope your foot is feeling better.

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