Seeing SPOTS!

Okay, someone finally commented on my ‘spotty photos’.  I’ve been avoiding doing anything for fear of finding out that nothing can be done and I’ll have to buy a new camera!!  I’ve cleaned the lend MANY times, but the dust that is causing the spots seems to be on the INSIDE of the lens; and mostly shows up when I use the zoom.  And the zoom lens does NOT just unscrew.  Guess it’s time to ‘bite the bullet’ and take it to a camera repair shop.  sigh.

P1120830See!!! There they are!

P1120833Just finished up these white glittered finials and took them to Stars.

P1120834On two of them I put little quail sale/pepper shakers on top.  The glitter was actually an after-thought.  I had filled the shaker holes with glue, but they still ‘showed’ when I painted the finials.  Glitter to the rescue!

P1120835The topper on this one is a little individual salt shaker.  The eggs are paper mache from eons ago.


They are all mounted to thrifted candle holder bases.


This base was a little trickier to attach, but it had a ‘nail post’ sticking up in the center (to hold the candle in place) so I pushed the mache egg on hard enough to pierce it, then glued it on.

P1120838Will be interesting to see how the ‘glitter’ goes over VS the more shabby chic style that I usually do my finials in.

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  1. Ah! Yes! If you’ve cleaned the lens a ton of times then the dust is INSIDE the camera body. Bummer! LOL! Unfortunately you are right and it will need taking apart and blowing out with compressed air. Not to worry! If you lived near me I could have done that for you. I have similar problems with my various cameras and just thought maybe you didn’t know about the spots. Keep up the good work!

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