Antique Mall findings

One great thing about having a booth at an antique mall is that you have a ‘built in excuse’ to do a little shopping; be it for actual items or just inspiration; every time you go in to work on your own space.   Found a couple of goodies last week while working on my booth at Stars.

P1130018Does this vintage turquoise fan have my name on it or what?!?!?  And I wasn’t even ‘shopping’ when I found it.  Was headed down the aisle to my car for another batch of stock and there it was!   And at a really good price too.  This is my third vintage fan, so now it’s officially a ‘collection’.  Not sure yet where or how I will display them.  Have a bathroom make-over in the back of my mind for sometime in the future.

P1130020Since I was ‘feeling lucky’ after having found that fan, I decided to look around the rest of the mall and found this GALLON jar of buttons for $19.00!!  If you have EVER looked at containers of vintage buttons, you know what a STEAL that it.  A small Ball canning jar of buttons will usually be even MORE than that.  DOUBLE SCORE because I can re-use the jar!  The lid is not at all banged up, so I can paint the lid (turquoise maybe) and use it as a canister.

And of course the HOURS I spent sorting all those buttons was pure enjoyment and relaxation!

P1120900This vintage dress form was actually posted on Curiosities Facebook page; and at a GREAT price.  It was Sunday evening when I saw the posting and they are closed on Mondays and I wouldn’t be able to get in until Wednesday.  So I called and left a message on the stores answering machine for them to hold it for me.  Have been wanting one of these to ‘alter’ for AGES; but even the ones that I’ve seen at thrift stores were too pricey.


Just dressed her in what I had on hand for now.  Need to find a BIG FLUFFY petticoat to put under this vintage slip.  I saw one at Stars when I was buying the fan and the jar of buttons, but passed on it; thinking that I could find one cheaper at a thrift store.  Looked at GW the next day and the only ONE they had was MORE than the one at Stars.  Fingers crossed (but not really getting my hopes up) that it will still be at Stars when I go in next week!


I just tucked the shirt sleeves in.  Looks better than just hanging there.  OH!  And I found this t-shirt at Dollar Tree!!!   Only this one color available but hey, it works for this purpose.  Might even try painting a design on it since it was only a buck.  (and I bought a few extras!)

Eventually she will be all dressed up and blinged out and have a pair of wings.


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  1. What? She won’t be sporting a crown also? LOL

    • She WILL most definitely be sporting a crown!! Just forgot to mention it.

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