Thrifting finds

P1130166A few more jewelry boxes to make over.

P1130170Very ‘French classic’ style wall clock.  (yes, it WORKS!) Will be selling this one ‘as found’.

P1130145A BIG drop leaf coffee table.  Sorry about the strange positioning for the photo!  This thing is HEAVY, so I had to have Michael unload and store it for me and it’s so big he HAD to stand it on end to get it to fit in my ‘project storage shed’.

P1130146The table top is in pretty bad shape; but tops are very easy to sand away any damage on.  Legs, on the other hand can be a LOT of work if damaged; so I look more closely at the LEGS than I do at the top when making my buying decisions.  I’m a sucker for ‘pretty legs’ too!

P1130137VERY tall candle holder.  It’s quite heavy too.  Will make a great table base . . . . eventually!

P1130126Pretty ceramic Madonna.  I had another one just like this in my booth at Stars, but the other one was just a glossy clear glaze.  LOVE the tiny bit of coloration and matte glaze on this one.  This has gone to my booth at Stars, as is.

P1130147Funky little plant stand in need of a total make-over.


That design on the top is actually just a plastic applique!!!  (HOPE it’s not to hard to remove it!)

P1130149Outdated country style cubby shelf.  Will add a carved wood applique to the top to update the style and maybe a backing before I paint it.  LOVE finding unfinished pieces like this that I don’t have to remove any old paint.

P1130150Metal wall pocket thing.  Will probably get painted white.  Tempted to keep this one and use it to hold wash cloths in the bathroom.

P1130171Wrought iron pillar candelabra will get painted white and be taken to stars.  LOVE these that are designed to hold bigger pillar candles because they are great for displaying other things on like I did in this next picture:

From my booth at Stars; June 2012

From my booth at Stars; June 2012


This piece from a Jenny Lind cradle will make a great backing for a bench or little wall shelf.


Perfect example of a great piece, just in the WRONG color.  These handled trays are SO functional!

P1130152In my booth display, I like setting them on end like this to add height to a display.  I can tuck a few items around the base of it and then something on top.  LOVE using them as a little WALL shelf too.  Hang it with the flat bottom part against the wall.  Then you can tuck small items inside, hang towels from the bar AND set taller items on the ‘top’!  (I think I may have just talked myself into keeping this one!)

P1130155This is how this pair of child size chairs was TAPED together at the GW outlet store.  I should have KNOWN to untape and inspect them.  But that place just gives me the heebie-jeebies, so I wanted to pay and get out!

P1130154Yep!!  They were taped that way for a reason!  This is what the seats look like!

P1130156Still, pretty cute little chairs and I’m sure I’ll cone up with someway to disguise those ugly seats.

It was GORGEOUS outside today and I SHOULD have been outside painting all day.  Instead I took a FOUR hour nap?!?!  I’m not even kidding.  Must be the pain from this plantar fasciitis that is making me so dang tired.  I got a steroid shot 2 weeks ago and it started feeling better after a few days.  But by the time I went to my next appt with the podiatrist, the pain had gradually started increasing again. sigh

Now I start with physical therapy next week and then will be fitted for a custom orthodic (which my insurance does NOT cover!  double sigh!)  It started feeling a little better again this week, then Friday I took my car in for an oil change and there are three steps you have to climb to go to the cashier.  As I stepped down I could feel something SNAP in my foot.  Instant pain again and I limped through all the rest of my errands!!  At least I am past ‘that part’ where there is excruciating pain when you first put weight on your foot EVERY time you stand up!

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  1. Hey I have a couple of the same items. I did make a table with my candlestick. I glued a plastic charger on top. It’s adorable. Also, why remove the plastic medallion from the black table? I like it the way it is.

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