Little cupboard with painted topiary make-over


I’m not entirely sure what this was supposed to be used for. . . . Maybe the hole in the top was for a small clock at one time???

P1130198Nice little shelves inside though.  Little shelves always sell well, so I bought it.

P1130202The hole was easy enough to cover by gluing on a carved wood applique.  The topiary would need to be sanded off before repainting, since the design was ‘raised’ a bit.

P1130407My signature beach blue paint and a bit of sanding along the edges.

P1130408Is it done????  I feel like the door needs ‘something’????

P1130409I glued an old dictionary page on the inside of the door and decided to leave the front of the door PLAIN.

P1130448Available in my booth at Stars.


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  1. That’s really cute. You said you felt like the door needed something. What about another wood scroll like you covered the hole with painted ina complimentary color, or book pages on the front with a key glued to the center? Keep up the good work, I enjoy you blog!

  2. Oh sorry I didnt see the part where you decided to leave the door plain, you can delete my comment, sorry about that!

    • That’s okay! I can believe I didn’t think of adding a KEY! I just might still do that!! Thanks!

      • you’re welcome! Even a flat image of a bird with one of your crowns would look cute too! I’m sure you’ll come up with something very creative!

  3. So much cuter now!

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