Where the heck have I been?!?!?!

No, I haven’t keeled over or been sucked into a sinkhole or even been sick.  I’ve been right here . .  limping along STILL!   sigh.

The physical therapy for plantar fasciitis WAS starting help considerably, then last week I woke up and the outside edge of my foot started hurting.  (just after PT had me start exercising my foot with the stretchy bands)  After my next PT appt my ankle started swelling and the pain continued to worsen.  My arch and heel (the original sources of pain) feel much better, but the ankle and outside edge of my foot are getting much worse.

So, I’ve really been trying to just stay OFF my feet as much as possible, and working on projects that I can do sitting down.  Stuff like Christmas wreaths (seriously!!)  I found a BUNCH of grapevine wreaths and needed to ‘use them or donate them’.  So I called the show owner and asked if I could do some wreath for the fall show.

Spent another entire week making a bunch of sea glass wreaths.   Not doing a lot of sorting through boxes until my foot pain gets better.  The pain really wears me out too!  Been taking loooooooooong naps every day.  Just not doing much of anything that is ‘blog-worthy’!

I was supposed to go to my last PT appt tomorrow, but they called to reschedule.  My follow up appt with the podiatrist is on Monday, so I’ll wait until after that to see if I need more PT.

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  1. Hi there I dont know if you’ve talked to your doctor about a shot they give you in the heel of the foot due to planter fasciitis, anyhow i could not sleep as mine seemed to be very painful when i layed down, and ALL THE TIME but i couldent take it anymore went to a foot dr, she sprayed freeze stuff on it while giveing the shot, ,really no big deal and the next day i was a new woman, now ive had three of those shots years apart, but its been ten years since last shot, just thought ied pass that along, good luck and may God bless you, louann

    • Thanks for commenting Louann. The podiatrist did initially give me a cortizone shot in the heel of my foot, but it only helped for a week or so. Mine (the plantar fascia) was inflamed to TWICE it’s normal size; worst my doctor has ever seen. Especially since I didn’t DO anything to damage it. Just woke up one day and it hurt, and continued to get worse over the course of a month. PT helped at first, then a DIFFERENT part of my foot started hurting and continues to worsen. PT said I may need another shot already.

  2. Yours is the ONLY blog I read immediately when I get the email. I’ve been wondering about you. Thoughts and prayers are coming your way. Hope you get some relief very soon!

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