Just add GLITTER!!!

Had three old lamps that I wanted to get rid of but the bases were just ‘blah’!  What to do???  Add GLITTER!

P1130760The pictures DO NOT do these glittered lamps ANY justice.  They are SO much prettier in person. (and the spots on the shades from the dust INSIDE my camera lens aren’t helping either!  I have GOT to find a digital camera repair place!!)

P1130681Since all of my lamp bases had shiney (slick) finishes to them, I first applied a coat of ‘sealer’ so the glitter would stick and STAY on better.


After my sealer dried, I brushed my adhesive on the entire base (glue or mod podge or even varnish will work) and coated it with my glitter.  Gently tap the lamp to remove loose glitter, then let dry.


These white shades were NEW and still in the packaging; but bought at a thrift store.

P1130682This ‘fairy dust’ glitter is SO pretty in person!  So, after the first coat of glitter is completely dry; tap again to remove any loose glitter.  Apply another coat of your adhesive over the first coat of glitter by using a ‘stippling’ motion with your brush; add second coat of glitter.  Tap to remove any loose glitter and let dry overnight.


This next step is optional, but HIGHLY recommended; and is done to minimize the amount of shedding your glittered item will do with handling and usage.  Again using the stippling motion with your brush, apply a coat of clear varnish over your two layers of glitter.   (OR spray varnish works well for this final step also!)

P1130759This final top-coat WILL diminish the ‘sparkle’ of your glitter a little bit, but is SO worth it to keep the glitter from shedding EVERYWHERE!

P1130764That’s it!  Easy peasey glittered lamps!

All three of these lamps are available in my booth at Stars.


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  1. Love these.. Could also use spray glitter.

  2. I’ve never heard of spray glitter?!?!? Wonder if there is a lot of ‘over spray’ when you use it??


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