No news is NOT good news!

Went back to the Podiatrist today for my post physical therapy follow up.  Explained what was going on with the NEW pain near my ankle on the outside edge and her ordered an x-ray.  X-rays taken from three different angles, but they did not show anything.

Still, and because the area is so extremely painful even to the lightest touch, he suspects a stress fracture and ordered a bone scan; which he does not have the equipment for.  So the receptionist calls the hospital to schedule the bone scan while the doctor copies the x-rays to a CD for me to take with me.  THURSDAY was the soonest opening they had!!!  AARGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!  I was really HOPING for some relief today.  This pain is just sucking the life out of me!

After she gets off the phone from scheduling the bone scan with the small local hospital, I ask if she thinks I could get in sooner at a bigger hospital.  She is a dear and makes the call and I now have an appt for the bone scan tomorrow.  I think her for the extra work of getting me the earlier appt and limp away.  Off to do a little grocery shopping before I go home to take a nap.  Sleeping is the ONLY time I am not in pain.

So after the bone scan I WAIT some more for the results to be sent to the podiatrist and for them to call me for a return appointment.  I am NOT happy right now.  sigh.

Here are a few pictures of some recent finds:

P1130663A jewelry armoir .  Not sure why that lock is on there, and it didn’t come with a key.  I had to unscrew the handle to get it off.

P1130664All kinds of storage inside!

P1130666Cool twiggy tree.

P1130667Vintage chenille spread.  Might have to set the bed up in my booth again soon!

P1130670Wood canister set; but only three of them.  And they have plastic liners.

P1130672Repro architectural piece made of resin.

P1130673It has a good size chunk broken off towards the back (so it was really cheap!) but it doesn’t really show from the front.  I’m probably going to keep this one.

P1130674Tall skinny apothecary chest.

P1130676Little end table.  On the next batch of furniture I start painting I’ll be going back to aqua.  The white stuff hasn’t been selling very fast.  sigh.


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  1. Could the jewelry armoire be a doll wardrobe?

  2. I have the exact set of canisters I found at goodwill. Only 3 in my set too. Hope your foot starts feeling better soon!

  3. AJ so sorry about your foot and I hope you get an answer soon. If stress fracture hopefully they will put in cast and pain will lessen. I guess they didn’t give you any pain meds huh? 😦

    So jealous of your finds! I don’t ever find anything as good as you do but I love seeing what you do get and also what you do with them!!

    • I already take pain meds for chronic back pain an extensive spinal fusion surgery in 2001; and anti-inflammatories. SO I am already taking any meds that they might prescribe. It just does not seem to help the NEW pain. Or maybe it DOES and I would be in MORE pain without what I already take?!?!? Not sure HOW that works on new vs. existing pain. I know if I stub my toe, it STILL hurts like it always has! So confused?!?!?!


  4. I really do “feel your pain”…no pun intended. 🙂 Around Christmas, I developed a Baker ‘s cyst on the back of my knee and by the 1st of the New Year, I could not put any pressure on my leg at all. I spent almost two months working on being able to walk again. It is a very difficult thing to go through, when you have so many things to do and all you can do is sit on the couch. I will be praying that they find the problem and are able to fix it soon. 🙂

    • Thanks Cheryl! Prayers are very much appreciated! I hope you are up and about and back to your ‘old self’ again by now!


  5. So hope you get the medical wisdom you need and will start healing and feeling better soon!!!!

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