A gallon of buttons and new boots (er BOOT!)

Was at Stars the other day ‘fluffing’ up my space, and adding a few things:


Like this fabulous glass conservatory!  Two of the top sections are open (no glass) so you can use it as a candle lantern also.  I love creating various vignettes in things like this!


For now I’ve filled it with beachy decor stuff.

P1130868It fits perfectly atop this wood lamp table.   For ‘home use’ I envision as a table centerpiece or on a coffee table.

P1130870Took in a few medium sea glass wreaths.

P1130873And a big (grapefruit size!) sea glass ball; stand included.

P1130943After I finished working on my booth, I decided to hobble about for a quick look.  Found another GALLON jar of buttons!  (Just bought one a few months ago!)  Not that I really NEEDED more buttons at this time, but it was such a great price I couldn’t resist.  This batch has more colored buttons that the last; which was mostly white.

P1130944Some packets of keys for $4.00 each.  I ALWAYS need keys!

P1130947And some packages of old cancelled checks for altered art.  Fun stuff for me to ‘play with’ while I still need to be ‘off my feet’ as much as possible.

Had the bone scan done on my foot and I DO have a stress fracture. Oh JOY!!  Picked up my  ‘ankle walker’ boot at the pharmacy today.

P1130951It should be more appropriately named a HOBBLER!  I can barely hobble about in this thing in a very ‘peg leg’ manner.

P1130950And because this ‘thing’ has so much of a high heel on it, the ONLY shoe I can wear on my other foot (that has a similar height of heel) is these clunky boots!  (and we’re having a HEAT WAVE!  93 degrees yesterday!  A little cooler and overcast today)

P1130949And of course ‘walking off balance’ really takes its tole on your back.  I can already ‘feel it’ in my lower back.  sigh.  Even getting up out of a chair is harder, because I can’t bend my ankle at all to get leverage.  And I have to take the steps ‘one at a time’ ( as in both feet on a single step at a time like toddlers do when they are just starting to walk!)

Oh and the BEST part!  I can’t wear it for driving.  So when I am running errands I will have to stop and change in and out of it constantly AND carry an additional pair of shoes to wear because the boots like I have on my left foot, HURT my right foot.  Oh good grief!!!!   It sucks to me be right now!!!

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  1. SUPER cute look you’ve got going there! Maybe you can start a fashion trend! 🙂 Hang in there & craft on!!!

  2. bless your heart I feel for you. Isn’t being sick a drag. The boot is cute. As I hobble around i will be thinking of you and of course the doctor who made the front of my knee hurt today when I went in for the back of my knee.

  3. Do you ever share how you make items? I LOVE the sea glass wreaths.


    Debby Phillips

    • Have you READ my blog?!?!? I share how I do almost EVERYTHING. Maybe not in step by step detailed instructions on things that I think are simple enough that most can figure out the steps on their own. ( I honestly do not have the time to take step by step photos and write detailed tutorials on every project) I am always happy to answer questions about my projects. ON the sea glass wreaths, I do believe that I DID explain how I made them: glued two cardboard rings together, covered that with paper to match the color of the wreath, then glued on the glass layer by layer; using tacky glue for everything. I even shared my ‘spped drying’ trick in the post.

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