Negative experience with Positive Changes


Have any of you ever looked into Positive Changes Hypnosis for weight loss?  Boy, those commercials make it sound REALLY good and really EASY.  It’s been a while since I attempted ‘dieting’.  After my last failure (lost 5# the first week, then NOTHING for the next FIVE weeks) I pretty much gave up and resigned myself to being pudgy for the rest of my life.

Because of all my physical limitations and disabilities (too many to mention!) , I really can’t ‘exercise’. A 30% lung capacity  pretty much shuts me down after 3 minutes of even moderate exercise.  So the ONLY way I am going to lose weight is via a diet regimen.  Because of this, I am not your typical ‘dieter’, and prior to my spine surgery I never NEEDED to diet.  I was always ‘on the go’ and just naturally stayed thin.  Physical limitations and menopause put an end to that about ten years ago.

My physical disabilities and limitations (and consequently, my financial limitations)  prevent me from doing a majority of superfluous  (and DUN!) activities.  I really have to reserve my energies for the stuff that I HAVE to do.  Plus I really can’t afford to take time away from my work to ‘do fun stuff’.  Not that I don’t enjoy what I am doing  (because I really, REALLY do!) . .  . but sometimes you really need to escape all that.  Eat, sleep, work.  Eat  – sleep – work – repeat.  THAT is the story of my life.

Soooooooooooooo, within the confines of that ‘life story’ the only area that I really CAN inject some fun or pleasure into is the EATING part.  And here I am now, needing to shed a good 40 pounds!  I am not a crazy over eater.  Not a binger.  Not a real sugar fiend.  A am a ‘snacker’ and a boredom eater.  So it seemed quite logical that a few hypnosis sessions could help me conquer those mental blocks!

So I made an appointment for my free consultation.  They had me fill out a fairly extensive one page form, then called me into a room where a lady gave me the ‘spiel’.  She started off by saying, “We will never make you step on a scale or take your measurements; or make you do anything that you are not comfortable with.  Hypnosis cannot make you do anything that you are morally or ethically opposed to.  It simply helps your subconscious better control your conscious habits.  (something to that effect.)

She stressed that their job is to HELP people lose weight; not to shame or embarrass them.  Then she asked me to explain what weight loss steps I had taken in the past that brought me there today.  I had BARELY started with my spine surgery story (maybe TWO minutes!) and she stopped me mid-sentence and said “Okay, now that I know a little more about you; let me tell you about our programs.  WTH???  She never even asked ‘what I did’ ?!?!?  (and that was NOT asked on the questionnaire)

She went on to say that their program is not suitable for everyone and if she did not feel it was right for me that she would be honest and tell me so.  From the get go I had explained that I was on a limited and fixed income, so the cost was paramount to my decision.  (hoping to get her to cut to the chase and shoot me some numbers early on)  She said costs vary client by client, and do the programs they offer.  She needed more info to determine the best program for me, THEN she could give me a price.

BUT, the majority of the rest of the time was spent with her continually attempting to get me to admit to things that really do NOT matter to me, and asking very personal and embarrassing questions that I really did not care to answer!  She was NOT a very good listener at all.  Felt like she had a script to follow and every time my comment, question or answer varied from the norm; she FORCED the issue back to what she wanted to hear.  At one point I actually looked around the room to see if she was talking to someone else!!

“How do you feel when you get out of the shower in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror?” she asked, leaving me feeling totally taken aback and embarrassed and ashamed!  (what was it that she said earlier about NOT inflicting those things on their clients!?!?)  “How has your being so overweight affected your sex life?” she asked next.  NOT really her business.  While I DO understand that this MIGHT be an issue for some, she really could have worded it differently.  Like “does this have any impact on intimacy that you want to address?”  Then she asked what size clothes I wore?!?!?  I said that I did not care about what size clothes I wore, but that I wanted to lose weight for health reasons.  Again, VERY uncomfortable.

Felt like she was TRYING to get me to say “I really want to be a size 6 and wear skimpy and tight fitting dresses again.”  I have NEVER worn those kinds of clothes, not even when I weighed 125#!!!  Besides, I don’t GO anywhere that I need to dress like that!!  My life is very ‘functional’.  I don’t have the time, energy, physical ability, money OR DESIRE to live otherwise.  I’d just like to lose this extra weight and be healthier!!”

“But won’t it feel great to lose the weight and  go out shopping for new clothes in smaller sizes and all the newest trends?”  Again, is she really talking to ME?!?!?  Did she not HEAR what I just said.  I’m overweight.  I am considerably physically deformed.  I WOULD be 5’10” tall IF my spine was straight.  Instead it is curved and scrunched and I am only 5’4″ and NO amount of weight loss is going to give me a waistline.  I did not have a waistline when I weighed 125# in high school and was 5’7″ tall!!!

I guess their ‘game’ is to really tear you down and make you feel worse than you already do about being FAT;  to build you back up and make you jump of their hypnosis weight loss bandwagon.  But is that really necessary??  I’ve already proclaimed my NEED for their services by being there!!  I already KNOW that I want and need to lose weight and other attempts have failed.  I KNOW how to eat healthy.  I just get lazy sometimes.  I’m in the middle of a project and get hungry but I really don’t want to stop and fix a meal and lose momentum.  THAT is when I grab a cookie.  OR when I have worked as much as I can and HAVE to take a break and rest my back and I am bored because I’d rather be crafting and I can’t.  I get bored and frustrated and turn to a snack for comfort.

Oh, and get this, when I was waiting to check in and noticed several shelves STOCKED FULL of diet supplements and ‘think thin’ diet bars!!!  I asked her about that, point blank.  “if your hypnosis program is so successful, why do you what shelves full of diet bars and other supplements in the lobby?”  She replied, “Oh those are ‘just in case’ someone needs a snack, like if they have a 2 hour session and their blood sugar is low and they need something real quick. And some people need extra enzymes and vitamins along with their weight loss program.”  I call BS!!  You do not have a 8′ tall shelf FULL of THOUSANDS of diet bars ‘just in case’.

So we got to the end of our ‘Twilight Zone” like consultation and she said, “We can help you lose weight and I have determined the perfect program for your needs.  Do you want to lose the weight quickly, and risk gaining it back (isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron to their sales pitch!?!) or would you prefer to lose slowly and KEEP it off.”  I answered that I was not on any specific time line and I wanted to take it off and KEEP it off.”

I have the perfect program for you,  once a week for NINE months at the cost of $2,700.00.  I was dumbfounded.  ‘I Can’t afford that on a limited set income!”  (I really wanted to say “ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!)  She said we can help you figure out the cost.  I said no you can’t.  There is NO wiggle room in my budget.  I spend money on ESSENTIALS only as it is.  I have $1,000.00 set aside and that is IT.  If you can’t customize a program to fit my budget, we are done.  And I got up to walk out.

She said, “We can let you make payments.”  That does not magically put any more money in my back account.  I can’t afford it in a lump sum OR broken down.”  and I handed her back the printed info she had given me. She said you can keep that.  I said, why?  I’ll never be able to afford it.  Then she said, if you want to do what the people you see in our commercials do and give a testimonial after your weight loss, we give you a voucher for $1,200.00 for OTHER programs; or you can give it to someone else.  Um, and HOW is that supposed to help me afford it NOW?!?!?  sheesh!

And after I got home I came up with all kinds of clever come-backs!!  After she told me the price I could have said “If I had that kind of money I’d just go get liposuction!”  or “After paying for the program I won;t need it because I won’t be able to AFFORD to buy food!”

I STILL do not understand why she quoted me a nine month program.  Nearly ALL the commercials have people saying they lost 40-50 pounds in 6 months.

So, I guess it’s back to the diet drawing board for me!!  sigh

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  1. What a horrible experience! Have you tried yoga or belly dance? Both work on your core and don’t make you jump around. Relying on diet without exercise is not very efficient. I don’t know your age, but there are many low cost 50 and over programs. Hospitals often have them too. Maybe a class for people with arthritis? Building some muscle is key to getting smaller. Wishing you the best!!!!

    • I am EXTREMELY inflexible with 50% of my spine having been surgically fused; so I cannot do the bending that Yoga requires nor the movements that are needed with belly dance. I turn 60 in a couple of months. Thanks for commenting!


  2. I am glad you posted your comments on this topic. I have considered looking into hypnosis as I need to loose at least 60 pounds, but don’t think I will waste my time after reading your comments. Frankly, I admire the fact that you keep pushing on and accomplish as much as you do with all your health issues. I have seen a lady on PBS who conducts an exercise class while sitting in a chair. I don’t remember the name of the program, but it might be worth investigating. I think I have also seen advertisements for an exercise dvd by her. Just a thought and hope your foot is better. Also, I really enjoy your blog.

  3. Thank you for sharing. It is very important we can be aware of what I would consider a scam. Thanks so much for sharing your personal information.

  4. I don’t know if it is available in your area, but my local recreation commission has a $20 yearly membership fee… for that, you can use the gym. It’s free for “seniors”. Their classes are a little more, about $30 for 8 weeks, and they offer things like aqua aerobics and seated exercise. Hope there is something like that near you; Google “[your town] recreation center”.

    However… I HEAR you, and I completely understand and empathize with what you’re saying. I am overweight since I am 50, post-menopausal, and have psoriatic arthritis. It mostly affects my ankles, hips, and toe joints… Moving hurts most times, and I don’t feel great because of the weight. You cannot “just go out and walk” when you aren’t fully mobile.

    I know I would feel better without the excess weight, and that’s what bugs me. It’s a vicious cycle. People don’t understand. Like you, I struggle to get done what’s necessary, and call it good if my house is reasonably clean and my work is done.

  5. I recently made a change for my health as well. I have lost 30 lbs, I started the third week of February. The hardest part was the first month. I would be happy to share with you the foods I eat now. I am still not at my healthy weight but I am hopeful and I do feel great. I do not take energy drinks or any of the crazy stuff, I eat fresh foods and had to cut out all my favorite unhealthy foods but I do treat myself to these guilty pleasures. I love to cook and measuring out my food and these simple meals bored me, but I have become creative to have more variety. My,husband was on board when I decided on this lifestyle change. He too has lost weight (he looks better then me!).

    I had to work out and I hate working out. We have a stationary bike and my husband would swear it is the only thing you Need. When I first got on, I couldn’t peddle more then 3 minutes I was out of breath and tired
    I kept trying, 4 days a week. I am up to 20-30 minutes a day, which is all you need. I read my kindle on the bike and the time flies. I started doing crunches and pushups, I couldn’t do 2 pushups, and I can do 10 now, it’s a process.

    You can’t think of it as a diet, diets don’t work. I think of it as a lifestyle change. I do eat protein bars that I buy on sale at the grocery store for my snacks, I have 2 snacks a day, but I don’t eat them everyday, oh when I want one and in the beginning I had one or 2 everyday! But I feel so good. I had no energy, didn’t want to see anyone and started to feel depressed about my weight. I have tried every diet out there in the past and nothing worked but the lifestyle change.

    I have never been 125 lbs either, my healthy weight is at 145 lbs, but I started February 20 weighing 206 lbs and today I am at 175! I am halfway there. Just remember the hardest part is the first month!

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