The ‘crazies’ are on the loose again!!!

Thank you all very much for your comments.  I have read them all and appreciate hearing all sides of everyone’s interpretations.  I have decided to delete the post, but I will take your suggestions to heart.

I DO like using my capital letters and exclamation points to emphasize certain things!  That is how I talk too; raise my voice inflection when I want to stress a word or two.  I know that using all capital letters on the internet equates shouting, but I have never heard that a few words being capitalized as shouting.  Sometimes I think people are just being nit-picky.  Guess that also gives away how old I am and the fact that I learned to type ‘back when’ using caps on a typewriter was the only way to emphasize words.

I usually do go back and re-read what I have written and edit it before I send messages / emails.  And I sincerely respond to others they way I would want to be responded to.  I’d want to know how things work and why a seller could not accept my etsy gift card.  I really believe that the typical shopper probably thinks all we have to do is click a button and we can accept their gift card; and I don’t want to be ‘thought less of’ for not taking them.  Hence, the detailed response I gave.

I have sent simple, to the point replies  out on occasion.  It seems I always then get asked ‘why” or ‘why not’; so I tend to try to pre-empt  those long unnecessary conversations with detailed replies.  Case in point, someone from another country asks if I will ship to their country and I politely reply, “Sorry, I do not ship outside the US.”  Then I get a long diatribe back about how I am missing out on a lot of business because people in their country love American hand crafts and that it is quite selfish of me to not ship to other countries, especially theirs because stuff like this is impossible to find in their country and they really want to buy it.  sigh.

And then I feel compelled to defend, or at least explain my decision to not ship internationally. And the thing is, when I quote them what the shipping will be, they NEVER (literally never; at least not from me) still want to buy the item.  And they will read me the riot act on shipping being so high (almost always higher than the price of the item) as if the cost of shipping was something that I has any control over or say in.  sometimes you just can’t win.

Oh well.  Thanks again for all of your comments and helping me learn form this life lesson.

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  1. In reference to the gift card lady.. some people you can not make happy!!! I have had a gift shop for 15 years.I feel your pain..We offer free gift wrap and still people what more.. they spend $5. and what a gift bag tissue and ribbon.. I have lost money on that one… . I would have beed happy that you explained why you did not take the gift card…

    On a positive note. When your emails come in that is the first thing I look at.. love your place, I am in Texas so shopping your booth would be impossible.. but really enjoy your merchandise!

    Did not know I could purchase your stuff on etsy.. I will defiantly look that over.

  2. WOW!!!!!LOOK AT MY CAPS. Don’t have any idea what all this is about but I like your blog and I write exactly the way i talk too. No apologies. Keep up the good work.

  3. I wonder if she reacts this way face to face?

  4. All I can think is that you felt you were explaining the situation and she felt like you were ranting. I think it is impossible to interpret someone’s tone through something like that and she just misinterpreted. I guess next time you’ll just have to send a quick “Thanks for your input and purchase, but we are unable to work with etsy checkout at this time” or something simple, lol. But the fact that she emailed you did make it seem like she was wondering why you don’t accept gift cards, so you explained it. I don’t know, but people will always be people

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