Still limping along . . . sorting buttons and feeling kinda NAKED!

The big ugly boot IS making my foot begin to feel better, but boy is it ever a PITB!!  Can’t wear it when I drive, so for running errands I have to constantly put it on and take it off at every stop.  I’ve been fudging a little on wearing it when I am just running into some place for just a minute or one thing; like the bank or post office or PetCo for cat food.  But I make sure I can wear it ALL day at least every other day.

Staying off my feet as much as possible on non errand days.  Spent a lot of time sorting that gallon of buttons.  Then reorganizing my button storage system to accommodate the increased volume of buttons.  I even spent a good amount of time ‘ripping’ the thread out of the buttons that still have the thread in them.  Finally had to give that a rest after I’d stabbed myself so much with my seam ripper that I was bleeding.

Finally took my camera in for repair to get rid of those wretched SPOTS.  Dropped it off on Monday and stopped back by on Wednesday on my way back from Stars to see if it was done.  Nope!  ACK!!  I really feel naked without my camera!  I go to grab it at least three times a day.  They said it was dust on the sensor and nearly the entire camera had to be disassembled, cleaned, re assembled, checked to be sure they got all the dust off; and if not, repeat the whole process again.  DANG!!  I really wish I knew HOW I got that dust INSIDE my camera so I can be sure to NOT ever do it again.

Sooooooooooooooooo . . . I am picture-less for a while!


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