Spray painting binge

Went on a bit of a spray painting binge with this dark turquoise (teal?) paint:

P1140063Up-cycled cheese plate with a pillar candle holder base.

P1130958Rusty old metal file box; before.


P1130959Smaller brown metal file box; before.


P1130962Hanging wire plant basket.

P1130857Thrifted three tier metal stand; before.


P1130953Wrought iron wall towel rack.

Gotta LOVE getting so many projects painted in a short period of time with spray paint!!  And I haven’t even gotten to the two old bedroom lamps that I bought the paint for in the first place?!?!

Not yet sure what I am going to DO with all this stuff . . . . perhaps hang on to if for a bathroom makeover???

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  1. Gorgeous! I just spray painted a hanging light and a plant holder in this same color – then I went looking for other things too! I love the metal boxes – I know I have those in the pile somewhere…………….
    Always love what you do to your “treasures”!

  2. Hey, I’m getting ready for my own binge. We’re at our cabin and I’ve been collecting a few things. One I’m really excited about is a chandelier that is going to hang from the rafters in the bunkhouse. I’m going to “Gussie” it up with “stuff”. Don’t we all just love our spray paint? Good job.

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