Forest Heights Neighborhood Garage Sale

I snuck out of the house on Saturday morning withOUT my big klunky boot on, to hit the Forest Heights Neighborhood Garage Sale.

P1130949I can’t wear the boot while I’m driving, and getting in and out of the car every five minutes to check out a sale hardly seemed worth it to bother with the boot; so I didn’t.  (I brought it with me just to be safe though)

I only ended up buying a few things.  Spent most of my time driving around in circles!  It’s a much bigger sub-division than I realized.  Lots of little cul-de-sacs and dead ends and narrow streets, crowded with cars who got there earlier than me!

A lot of the homes were participating in the annual sale, but most just had a few items; so I did a lit of ‘drive-bys’.  Here’s what I got:

P1140266Fabulous antique table.  Not sure what its original purpose was.  It’s taller than an end table.  More of a ‘sofa back’ table height; but I’ve never seen an oval sofa back table?!?

P1140265The top is a bit scratched up, so I’ll have to sand it.  Would be fairly easy to match the stain and keep it all wood tone.  But I’m thinking I might want to paint the top an off white, and distress it and leave the pedestal as is.

P1140267Yep, it’s HEAVY!

P1140264This looks like it was probably a craft table for a child, but it’s the perfect height for a coffee table too.  Thinking about some fun decorative painting on this one!

P1140262I just might have to KEEP this cutie-patootie!  Paint it aqua and use it next to my bed to replace the sewing machine stool that is presently serving as my bedside table.   Then maybe I will actually DO some sewing once I have my stool back!

P1140263This one has a semi-gloss finish, so I’ll have to prime it before I can paint it.  Normally I prefer to SAND over painting on primer; but with all the cut out details this would take forever to sand!

I feel a furniture painting marathon coming soon!

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  1. LOVE the idea of painting the top of the table white and distressing it, then leaving the bottom “natural.” It would look great!!

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