Doll size armoir make-over

AT first I thought this was a jewelry chest, but a reader corrected me and said it looked like a doll clothes armoir.  With the rod on the right side, I’m inclined to agree.  I suppose it could be used for anything you wanted though.

P1130663I had to remove the handle to get that silly little lock off.  (tossed the lock and key into my ‘key box’ to use for another project later.)

P1130664It was really in perfectly fine condition, just too PLAIN.

P1140174I added some little wood fleur de lis embellishments on the doors, then painted it Ivory.

P1140175Added some old dictionary pages to the inside of the doors to help it transition from light to dark better.

P1140176And I papered the backside also.  Almost ‘called it good’ at this point.

P1140179But, after looking at it for a couple of days, I decided to distress it.

P1140180SO glad I made that decision.  Sanding along the edges really brings out the details.

P1140177The pretty arch on the doors was hardly even noticeable before I added the distressing.

P1140179NOW, it’s done!  From bland and outdated to updated shabby chic!

I’d love to find a REAL full size armoir to make over some day!


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  1. TOO CUTE!!


    [Description: Description: heart]

  2. AJ…great find and great makeover!! Since this is a miniature of a real one the shelves would have been used to store hats!! Love the Fleur de lis but then I live in Louisiana and they abound down here in the “Deep South”.

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