A few small findings

6.14.14 projects etsy 009Wood Mocha box from the thrift store.

6.14.14 projects etsy 010Will set it on it’s back so the top opens UP and turn it into a ‘memory box’.

6.14.14 projects etsy 011Copper tray.  Not sure what I’ll do with it just yet.

6.14.14 projects etsy 012Little ironstone creamer for my personal collection (I only collect this specific SHAPE.)  Glass vase that will be turned into a cloche.

6.14.14 projects etsy 013Small duck and chicken tureens.

6.14.14 projects etsy 018Small dome cloche (might have to keep this one for myself too!)  And a vintage ‘Owl Drug’ bottle.  Was going to embellish the bottle, then at the last minute I decided to research it online real quick.  Turns out these are HIGHLY collectible, so I’ll be selling it ‘as is’ (a tiny ‘bruise’ on the back) in my booth at

6.14.14 projects etsy 019Bag of BIG wood bun feet!  You know ow I LOVE furniture feet!!!  Will save these for ‘just the right’ furniture project.

6.14.14 projects etsy 020Fancy dowel finials that I will probably use as drawer knobs.

6.14.14 projects etsy 021Packets of little wood knobs. The package SAYS 4, but there are only 3.  To add to my stash for when I need extra knobs.

Nice dry weekend and had a VERY productive painting marathon.  (pictures coming soon)  Raining today!

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