Final piece from the Forest Heights sale

P1140262This cute little table is the last piece I picked up at the Forest heights sale.  It had a glossy finish so I had to either sand it or prime it before painting it.  Painting on primer was the easiest option given how many curves and corners this piece has.

P1140263But, I was able to sand the top.

6.25.14 projects Stars 006And sanded the top again after painting it my beachy blue paint color.

6.25.14 projects Stars 004Initially I tried HAND sanding along the edges of the cut out legs.  Gave up on that REAL quick and brought out the orbital sander.  I couldn’t get into every curve, but it worked well enough.  Went back over a few little corners by hand afterwards.

6.25.14 projects Stars 005The sanding was a bit of a challenge on this piece because I didn’t want any of the GREEN to show through.  So I had to sand lightly enough to just get through to the white primer; or extra hard to get through ALL the paint and down to the wood.

6.25.14 projects Stars 002A unique piece like this doesn’t really need a lot of distressing.  Too much would make it too busy with all the cut out detail.

6.25.14 projects Stars 003I’m keeping this one to use as a bedside table.

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