UPcycled jewelry boxes

ALWAYS remember the FIRST RULE for ‘picking’ old jewelry boxes  . . . . CLEAN innards!

P1130166No matter how great, and easily update-able the outside is; if the innards are dirty . . . pass it up!  There is NO way of cleaning that velvet fabric they line jewelry boxes with.

P1130167Clean. Buy.

P1130168Another good one.

P1130169What’s up with all the PINK innards lately?!?!?  At least they are clean.  I got two of this same box; both are jewelry boxes too.

P1130167A slightly ‘hard to work with’ top on this one.  At first I contemplated removing the faux stained glass insert.  But that was easier said than done.  It was GLUED in place, so I just had to cover it up.

P1140182I spray painted it off-white and filled the inset where the glass was with vintage buttons.

P1140184Then covered the backside of the glass insert (that still showed from the inside) with some pretty scrap book paper that coordinated with the pink fabric.

P1140183Cute as a button, no?  $19.00 in my booth at Stars.

P1120577This small one didn’t have much room to work with, so I kept it simple.

P1140185  Off-white spray paint, some scrapbook paper, a big reproduction key with a fluffy tulle bow. The mirror cleaned up just fine so I left it.  $12.00 in my booth at Stars.

P1140190I decided to make the ‘twin boxes’ nonidentical ones.  Spray painted this one a bright blue.

P1140189Adding a carved wood applique to the top before I painted it.

P1140192Because they have the wind up key for the music on the back, I left the backs unfinished.  Too time consuming to try to paint around it.  $24.00 at Stars.

P1140205Twin #2 got a soft seafoam green paint job.

P1140208And the word PARIS stenciled on the top.   $24.00 at Stars.

*** HELPFUL HINT *** BEFORE you use water based craft paints on TOP of spray painted items; apply a coat of your water based varnish to the surface area you will b adding the decorative paint element FIRST.  Other wise your design will SMEAR when you add your top coat of varnish.   ALTERNATIVELY you can use SPRAY varnish as your final coat on top of your design and skip the varnish base coat.

P1140676All of these are available for purchase in my both at Stars.






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