Updated vintage wood canisters


Only three canisters in this vintage wood set, but they are in pretty good shape. P1140230They needed a good sanding to remove the existing satin finish.  A couple of coats a aqua paint and a ‘fleur’ designs stamped on one side of each canister.  I decided to NOT distress these.

P1140232Remember, that by adding the design to only ONE side of the item, you expand your potential buying audience.  Those who might not like the design; or for whom it just doesn’t ;go well with’ their decor, can always display them with the plain side facing front.

P1140236This is a slightly newer old wood canister set, and has plastic inserts.

P1140235And a rubberized seal around the lid for a snug fit.

P1140237A hold in the bottom makes it easy to ‘push out’ the plastic liners for cleaning.


P1140238They even STACK nicely!

P1140664Available to purchase in my booth st Stars; $34.00 for the set.



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