Antique show at EXPO this weekend and BIG SALE @ STARS!

It’s time for the summer Antique show at the Expo.  You can go there and pay $15.00 just to walk through the door and then pay premium prices of vintage and collectibles.  OR you can come to Stars and shop the BIG SALE!!

P1140843I just restocked my booth and it is seriously jam-packed with goodies!

P114084450% (yes, FIFTY!) off all regular priced items in my booth during the sale.

P1140842The sale runs Thursday – Sunday; July 10 – 13.  11am – 6pm

P1140813Each individual vendor selects their own sale %, so look for the bright orange signs in each booth to see what % off they are offering for the sale.

P1140822Come on in and enjoy the air conditioning and big savings!

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  1. Just love your booth! When you purchase things wholesale for resale, what license do you need and what is the procedure for paying state taxes. I have a booth in Alabama and would like to add a few items from two different wholesale companies. —- want to pay taxes but the owner of the booth collects tax and sends it in so I do not want to pay it again….. But if I purchase wholesale in my booth’s name, I assume the state will expect taxes from me?? Any suggestions?

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  2. Also, your blues make such a pretty booth. Do you find that it sells better than white/cream in your area?

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  3. My ‘beachy blue’ color ALWAYS sells well for me. Much better than white/cream. I try other colors every so often and always end up back using the blue BECAUSE it sells best.

    Can’t be of ANY help to you on the tax question. We don’t have ANY sales tax in Oregon so I am clueless! But I would think that it varies by state.


  4. Love it all. Just wish I wished I lived closer.

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