What is the name of the paint color you use?

If only I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question!  If you HAVE asked me that question before, you already know the answer; which is “I mix my own paint colors” so I cannot give you a color name.

P1140843If you look closely at the different items in this picture, you will see MANY  ‘shades of aqua/turquoise’.

6.14.14 projects etsy 091Here you can see my four basic colors that I use/mix the most.  I don’t use any ‘formula’.  I just EYEBALL it.  Apparently I am gifted with a good ‘eye for color’.  One ‘starter gallon of paint will last me for YEARS, because I mix it to create all these color variations.  The color in the top left, is the closest to my ‘starter color’.

P1140892And I did just happen to buy a new ‘starter’ gallon of paint, which I used ‘as is’ on these two night stands that I just painted.  I always buy the Ralph Lauren brand of paint.  It’s crazy expensive.  ( I just spent close to $90.00 on 2 gallons!  ack!)   Usually Ralph and I like the same colors, but this time there was ONE color sample missing from the RL color board at the paint store, and it was probably the color I wanted.  the one above it was too dark and the one below was too light.  sigh.

6.25.14 projects Stars 037So I had to ‘find my color’ on a different sample board and ask them to create that color for me in the RL brand of paint.  The color is from Behr brand and it is called ‘Embellished Blue’.

P1140896I used it ‘unaltered’ on this round table with a checkerboard design too.    But here it looks a tad ‘lighter’ than on those 2 night stands.  Reason being, that the BASE color and any added detail colors will also affect the overall color.  Distressing can sometimes ‘considerably’ change the tone of any given color.

And this is WHY I prefer RL brand paints.  I have found that other ‘cheaper paints’ don’t always distress well.  It’s almost like the components of the paint color ‘separate’ as it dries and as I sand away aqua, mostly GREEN shows through.  RL is a more highly ‘pigmented’ paint so your colors stay truer and you need much less of it for full coverage.

P1140225Here is another good example of my various colors.  The one on the right being my ‘base color’.  I added some pale green to get the aqua color in the front; and some darker blue and grey to get the color on the left.

P1140259Notice how the added black lettering makes all the paint colors seem darker?

P1140646And how they change still more when distressed over a black basecoat and lettered in black.

P1140917I personally PREFER ‘varying shades’ than all the exact same color.

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  1. Since you are discussing your paint colors, I’m curious, if you will discuss where you get your stencils. Do you have one specific company where you buy most of them or do you cut some yourself? They are all so different and have such beautiful fonts and designs.

  2. Hi Cheryl, If you do a search on my blog for ‘new stencils’ you will find the link to my FAVORITE stencil supplier. If you sign up for their email list, you will be notified when they add new designs and have sales. (I always wait for a big sale and buy LOTS!) They aren’t cheap; most cost more than what I sell the finished sign for. There is also an etsy shop that I have bought a few from called “EuroStencilDesigns” that has some great stencils. After you have shopped around on-line for stencils, you will start to see a LOT of the same designs on different sites.

    I don’t have a stencil cutting machine (on my wish list for the future!) but I DO design some of my own stencils. Many suppliers will have the option to custom designs, and I like to use that. AND I oftentimes will ‘mix and match’ parts of different stencils into one sign to create more unique designs.


  3. This is probably a dumb question, but when you mix your paint colors, what type of paint do you add to your Ralph Lauren base color?

  4. If it’s a small batch, I use acrylic craft paints (Folk Art brand has the most pigment; don’t bother with the cheapo craft paints!) for bigger batches I buy the ‘oops’ cans of paint. If I HAVE to buy a new color at full price for mixing, I will get the RL.


  5. Just be SURE you are always using WATER based paints with water based paint. Never mix water based with oil based.

  6. Wow! Thanks, I didn’t realize it worked to mix craft paint with “real” paint. Awesome. Thank you for sharing!

  7. As long as they are the same KIND (ie water based or oil based; I ONLY use water based products) they can be mixed no problem. Of course they won’t TELL you that at the paint store because they want you to BUY more paint!!

  8. Thanks for the info on the stencils. That helps a lot. I will start doing some checking. I know they are very expensive, but it helps to know that they sometimes have sales. Thanks so much! 🙂

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