Remember ‘paper twist’?

I am seriously dating myself by bringing this up, but my earliest ventures into crafting included ‘paper twist wreaths’. 

I loved that stuff.  I could sit and untwist it while watching TV for hours.  So when I found a big bundle if it at a thrift store a while back, I couldn’t resist.  But this newer stuff would NOT un-twist!?!?  It was like it was glued in place.  Just as I was about to toss it into my donate pile and send it back from whence it came; I had a brainstorm.  Maybe if I spritz it with some water it will untwist??

It worked.  But these were reeeeeeeeally long ropes of paper twist and my spritzing wrist tired quickly.  So, I filled the sink with water, cut the ropes into more manageable smaller pieces and started dunking.  That worked even better.  I just had to handle it carefully while untwisting as it tore easily.  Then I spent a couple of DAYS, mindlessly untwisting yards upon yards of paper twist; piling the untwisted pieces in a plastic bin.

Then I got to wondering if there were any NEW kinds of crafts that had been invented since I last played with paper twist?  Off to Pinterest of course to see what I could find.

 1b8047b6daba537018d9a6080f42f149Not much!  There were these . . . .Boooooooooooring!!

28337405788da9df6f6ff9b8f3319df1And this.  Seriously???

f96b7d41942837187fc76d817227f9cbGetting closer . . .but NO cigar!

The ones I used to make ended up looking more like the burlap wreaths that are so popular right now.

a54642ade5a9fc3718f855d94109e207So, with no NEW ideas in sight; I went back to my old tried and true method.

P1140882First I cut my bigger pieces into smaller pieces.   Then folded them over and stapled together.  Did this until I had a while bin full of ‘petals’.

P1140865I didn’t have any wreath forms, so I made my own by gluing two circles of cardboard together, then wrapping with thin strip of paper twist.  Then I started gluing the petals to the outside rim.

P1140883I prefer to NOT use a hot glue gun if at ALL possible.  Tacky glue sets pretty quickly, so I put a dot of tacky glue on the petal end and then used some little clips to hold it in place while the glue set enough to hold on its own.  This only worked on the OUTER row; for the rest I did have to use my hot glue gun.

P1140866Outer rim almost done.  I’d let it set overnight to be sure the glue was completely dry before adding the other layers.  I don;t have pictures of adding the rest of the layers, I just started at one spot and worked my way around; filling in petals wherever it looked like one was needed.

P1140867Once all the petals were in place, I added some little berries. (cut apart berry sprays from the dollar store)   Back in the day, I used to dry flowers from my garden and add those to my paper twist wreaths.

P1140869Michael liked the smaller one best; I liked the bigger one!

P1140973With fall color berries.

P1140974Close up of fall berries.

P1140975I really like this lighter color!

P1140976The light colored paper was ‘softer; and more pliable than the kraft paper.

P1140988Chocolate brown with white berries.


P1140985Multi color one to use up all the left over petals!

P1140993Altogether I had enough paper to make six wreaths.  They are too bulky to sell in my etsy shop, so I guess they will be going to the fall craft show.


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  1. WOW AJ!!!!! I love them! I never did this “back when” but I think I will do 2, one for my daughter’s front door and one for mine!! Thank you so much for sharing your technique!! Your “how-tos” are easy to follow! Love your stuff!!

  2. Too cute and MUCH less expensive (I’m guessing) than burlap.

    Ann Burt

  3. My husband uses something like this to make what is called fiber rush chair seats. It comes in huge rolls. If the stuff you found is that product it might be what is designed for the chair seats which may be why it was tightly wound and seemed like it was glued. I have used his scraps to make bows.

  4. Love your wreaths! Your very talented and a great inspiration! Keep it coming girl………..

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