Gold Artichoke book ends; Outdated – UPdated

P1150350Found this pair of gold artichoke book ends at the thrift store.

P1150349Liked the SHAPE, but not fond of the color.  Easy make-over project!

P1150351Because they have a SHINY finish they will have to be sanded or primed in order for the new paint to properly adhere.  Because of all the detail, spray paint primer is the easiest solution.  I used flat black spray paint.

P1150480I only repainted the FRONT side of them.  There was felt on the bottoms and I left the back the original gold.  Whenever possible, I like to leave  a ‘hint’ of what the items I make-over originally looked like; as a point of reference and inspiration to those who look at them.

P1150485For example, a shopper is looking at them and says ” I love how shabby chic these are!  I have some gaudy old gold ones like them that I just hate!”  And when they pick them up and look closer, they have that ‘light-bulb’ moment and realize that they could make THEIRS over to look like this!  (that’s my hope anyhow!!  OR that someone will see something similar at the thrift store after reading this post, and buy them to make over)

P1150482After the flat black primer paint was dry, I gave them several LIGHT coats of flat Ivory paint.  Let that paint cure overnight then distress with a coarse sanding sponge.

P1150486Let your distressing be very ‘organic’.  Don’t worry about perfection.  You want different areas to be more and less distressed than others for a naturally aged look.

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  1. I love that you are so intentional about inspiring others to create beauty from “trash” Thanks. Kathy

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