UPdated vintage smoking table

P1150618At least I ‘think’ it is a smoking table!  They were usually quite small and with a drawer or door to store the smoking supplies in.

P1150621Smoking table or not, it was CUTE; and has great LEGS!  (and you know how I love furniture legs and feet!!)

P1150619Pretty ‘beat up’ and shiney varnish inside and out.  Since the inside would have been impossible to sand (even by hand, I could not have gotten the inside corners!) I opted to PRIME this piece to prep for painting instead of sand.  I used brush on KILZ primer.

P1150711It took two coats of white paint on TOP of the coat of primer to fully cover this piece.  Good thing is was so small!  After letting my paint cure overnight, I sanded it using my orbital sander to distress it.

P1150714I debated long and hard whether or not to add some kind of decorative wood embellishment or stenciled on design to one or both large areas on the sides.  For now, I’ve left it plain.  But I could still change my mind!

P1150712The inside was the most time consuming to paint.  I would have ‘papered’ the inside instead of paint it, except for those added side slats (they are on the top of the inside too!)  I may still add paper to JUST the bottom of it so there is a bit of a surprise when you open the door.

P1150713And the perfect little crystal knob adds the finishing touch!

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