REALITY CHECK: So you want to rent an antique booth?

How exciting!  You’ve decided to ‘take the plunge’ and look into renting a booth in a local antique mall.  You have a bunch of your granny’s old stuff in the attic and you LOVE going to garage sales.  Why not ‘make a little extra money’ doing something you love?

I literally CRINGE when I get an email from someone telling me that they are ‘going to do what I do’.  I fear that I make it look and sound TOO easy.  But I don’t want to discourage them.  Oftentimes they will ask for my advice (mostly regarding the pricing of items).  I started a blog post on “My advice for renting a booth” YEARS ago.  I revisit it every so often and then leave it unfinished.  It’s just TO DEPRESSING!  And it’s a lot of MATH!!  And you really NEED to ‘do the math’!  Most people do NOT do the math, thinking ‘ignorance is bliss’, but it’s NOT!  That ignorance is going to COST you money.


The REALITY of it is that it IS a lot of hard work for very little income.  But it CAN be done well and can earn a decent secondary income.  I’m just not good at ‘sugar-coating’ the facts and my ‘advice post’ would probably scare most potential booth renters away!!  I just couldn’t figure out HOW to say what needed to be said without sounding like I was trying to ‘burst their bubble’ or without making it sound TOO complicated.

HALLELUJAH!  I just came across a post by another blogger who has explained it all PERFECTLY!  I tried to ‘copy and paste’ her post, but wasn’t able to.  You’ll have to go over to HER BLOG HERE to read it.  It is absolutely a MUST READ if you are considering becoming a vendor in an antique mall.  Forewarned is forearmed I always say!

She shoots straight with the facts with a bit of humor without being too overbearing.  (something I never could figure out exactly how to do!)  It’s an INVALUABLE read if you have ever considered being an antique vendor! i sincerely hope you will read it.  Even if you already have a booth.  It will perhaps help explain WHY you aren’t making as much money as you thought you would.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the hard facts as most of us have to learn these the hard way. From the personal experience of my husband and I, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to make a full time living from an antique booth or arts and crafts shows. Anyone who has tried what you are doing realizes it is not easy and I marvel at how much you accomplish. I also appreciate that you do not “sugar coat” the facts and thanks for sharing.

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