How did THAT happen?!?!

60.  SIXTY???  Seriously?  sigh.  sigh AGAIN!  Yes, sixty.

I’m 60 years old today and I seriously don’t know how it happened?!?!  I don’t FEEL sixty.  I don’t think I ‘look’ sixty.  (at least I still get an occasional raised eyebrow and am asked to show my ID when I ask for the senior discount)

What IS sixty supposed to look like anyhow??   (and NO, I will NOT be posting a picture.  I honestly do not HAVE any recent pics of myself and that is FINE by me!)

I honestly thought I’d look AND feel much older when I turned sixty.  I think back to when my mom was 60.  My son would have been 6 years old and my mom LOOKED and ACTED sixty.  Didn’t drive anymore so I had to take her shopping and to Dr. appointments; help her with housework too.  She DID have several ‘medical issues’ (but so do I now; and mine are WORSE than hers were!)  Still, I do not FEEL or look any where NEAR as old as she seemed at 60.

I did not know my grandmother (mom’s mom) very well at all.  She did NOT like kids.  She stayed with us a few times, and she was a ‘old BITTY’!!  I remember her coming to help after my youngest sister was born.  I was six.  She taught me embroidery.  She was plump and wrinkley with soft flabby arms and a big grey bun on top of her head.  Mom would have been 32.  I’m not sure what year ‘Grandma Newman’ (that is what we HAD to call her!) was born; but I’d guess she was about 60 then.

And SHE looked much older at 60 than my mom did at sixty.  And I look younger still than either of them at 60.   There is ‘that point’ in your life when people see old pictures of you and have to REALLY look to see that is you.  When you facial features really change.  I wonder why or HOW ‘that time’ has changed so much over the years.  ALL of my high school friends are still very ‘recognizable’ from their high school pictures too.

Not that none of us looks ANY older, because we absolutely do.  Just not as old as I ‘expected’ to look at 60; based upon how my mom and grandmother looked at 60.  And it makes me wonder how long we can continue to delay the aging process.  And WHY are we seemingly aging so much slower than our parents and grandparents did??

SO, THAT is what is on MY mind upon the occasion of my sixtieth birthday.  But I really AM looking forward to this sixtieth year of my life and the marriage of my son to his amazing fiance.  And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen to being a grandma a few years down the road.

Growing old isn’t all that bad, I suppose!

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  1. Hi. I get it. I will be 60 on this coming Wednesday and don’t’ feel anything like that age. It is all about what age we feel in our mind. I feel young and am going to continue to feel that way. LOL! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!!!!!!

  3. . . . especially considering the alternative. 😉 Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Exactly, I’m the same way. Am I supposed to be acting my age? What’s the definition of acting my age? Who gets to make the rules? We do. Make your own rules, have fun, happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday to you!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!! I got home from Oregon on Sept 27th and unfortunately didn’t get to go to Stars. I was in Bend at my mom’s and didn’t get to Portland until the 25th. My sister decided to take me to a “cute shop” the day before I was to leave. Well guess what, it was CURIOSITIES!! 🙂 Anyway I hope to return this coming April, and I hope this next time to get to Stars!! Hopefully I can let you know in advance. Hope your day was a good one and I understand about the whole ’60’ thing. I just turned 61!

    • Hi Christy,

      well, at least you got to visit one great antique mall in the area. There’s always next year to visit Stars Antiques. Please DO keep me posted next time you are ‘out this way’!


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