I think I’ve just got “BLOG BURNOUT”!

I’m just tired of ‘listening to myself talk’ (er type!)  Wondering if maybe this ole blog of mine has ‘run it’s course’.  I’m still creating a lot of stuff for both my etsy shop and my booth at the antique mall . . . but it’s just more of the same ole stuff.  Nothing that really seems ‘blog-worthy’  . . . . to me at least.

I started this blog nearly EIGHT years ago.  And during that time I have made 1,609 entries, and probably posted TEN times that many photos.  It’s just time to give it a rest . . . for a while . . . .longer than I already have.  Some MAJOR changed coming my way next year that will bring some new experiences to share.

On a lighter note, my son and his Fiance just got their formal engagement photos done.  Here they are on the photographers blog if you want to take a peek:


The wedding will be next August.

So, my dear blog reading friends . . . . Keep calm and craft and reVamp on!

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  1. What wonderful engagement pics. I love the beach and these 2 look great and happy! Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your break. I do enjoy seeing your projects.

  2. I was afraid you were ill or injured. Yours is the blog that gets read the minute I see it in my email.

    Thank you for all you’ve shared. Thank you for inspiration. Best of luck to you!

  3. Will miss your blog, always fun! I’ll look forward to your Xmas stuff at stars.

  4. You’ll be missed…take care.

  5. I certainly enjoyed your Blog and all of your make-overs. You are very talented. Thank you also for sharing the engagement picture, a nice looking couple and your son is very handsome.

    Janet M.

  6. I have really enjoyed your blog. I moved from Pdx to a tiny town. Reading your blog felt like a tiny little virtual shopping trip to Stars. Thanks. Good luck on your new adventures.

  7. Reading your comments has inspired my son, husband, and I to revamp many items using your techniques, suggestions, etc. We are having a great time together, and are becoming closer because of it. Thank you for all the effort you put into this blog. I’ll be checking back…

  8. I’ll miss you. I’ve enjoyed your blog very much! But you have to take care of you! Love, Nancy

  9. I will miss you too!!!!

  10. Glad to know you are not ill. We all need some change in life at times. I have enjoyed your projects – take care.

  11. I really missed your blogs. I was afraid you were ill. I loved all of your ideas and creations. Your blog gives me the inspiration to keep working on my own craft projects. I’m glad you’re ok and I look forward to your future creations.

    Have a Happy Turkey Day!

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