Decorated ice skates

Have seen these around for years and always wanted to try it, but could never find the ice skates I needed!  This year I found TWO pairs – children’s sizes no less!  (the smaller ones are just ‘cuter’!)

I just rummaged through what wreath embellishing supplied I had and put these together:

P1160638* ~ *

P1160619* ~ *

P1160623* ~ *

P1160620* ~ *

P1160618* ~ *

P1160617* ~ *

P1160613* ~ *

P1160612* ~ *

P1160615* ~ *

P1160614* ~ *

Now to hunt down sore stuff to do the other two!


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  1. They look terrific! I love the blue one in particular.

  2. those are so pretty.. the glittery look is so festive! Thank you for sharing

  3. Super!! Did the skates have their awesome patina or did you do something to them?

  4. I also like it when the skate is painted silver or gold and then glittered, looks pretty.

  5. I used the skates ‘as found’, a little scuffed up. I WISH they had been a bit MORE scuffed! Thought about scuffing them a bit more with sand paper, but didn’t want to ruin them since I’ve waited SO long to find them!

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