More Christmas bottles

Round 2 of the altered Christmas bottles.

P1160818Teeny tiny bottles in this batch and a fun ‘short squatty square’ bottle.


This was probably originally a perfume bottle.  Narrow opening that required I take the base off the tree (this tree from a set of 2 from Dollar Tree; covered with Mica flakes for a vintage look)  I had to wrap a bit of string around the wire tree base so it fit tighter in the opening, then glued it in place.


The side of this bottle was perfect for another ‘CHEER’ label!  I KNOW!!!  The ribbon doesn’t MATCH the label.  Shades of aqua and turquoise work together so well, I kind of LIKE mixing them.  (Also committed to ONLY using what I HAVE this year and not buying and NEW supplies!) **At least not until they are all half price AFTER Christmas to stock up for NEXT year!**

P1160819Itty bitty bottles are the vintage individual salt/pepper shakers.  (ALWAYS buy those when I can find them.  Use them for KNOBS on the glass cloches I make also!)  This tree is from a package of several from the craft store.  There were 2 sizes in the packages; this is the smallest size.  Was able to glue the base to the bottle top.
Sheer white bow and snowflake button glued on.

P1160821Another vintage salt shaker bottle in a cute ‘tree like’ shape.  Spray painted this little tree (from Dollar Tree) gold, removed base, wrapped stem with some string for a tight fit and glued into the opening.  Little metal snowflake ornament and thin satin ribbon instead of sheer this time.


Decided to leave this tree top bare.

These will also be going to my booth for sale.

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