UPcycled White Christmas swag

Found this white swag at the thrift store and decided to get it.

P1160912It’s MUCH prettier in person.  Very fluffy and sparkly.

P1160913The obnoxious burgundy velvet bow HAD to go!  Fortunately it was just ‘wired on’, so I didn’t have to surgically remove it!

P1160917You can see a little bit more of the detail in this picture, but it’s still not a great photo!  sigh.  White just does NOT photograph well!  I HOPE the ‘finished’ photos come out better!

P1170003I stood way back and used the zoom for this picture of the finished swag.

P1170005I tied up bundles of 3 – 5 white/silver ornaments (thrifted of course; some vintage glass, some new shatter-proof) and tied them onto the swag.  It has a nice sturdy wire form on the back, so that is what I tied the ornament clusters to.


Had to fire up my hot glue gun to attach this ‘Merry Christmas’ glitter ornament to a round ornament.  Also used hot glue to glue the snowflake ornaments in place in the background.

P1170007I really didn’t follow any particular pattern for adding things.  Just added a few and stood back and looked, over and over and over again!  I didn’t necessarily want it to look perfectly symmetrical, rather ‘balanced’.

P1170006After all the ornaments and snowflakes were in place it still needed some ‘filler’ for the gaps between the ornaments.  You can BARELY see it in the pictures, but I added about 2 dozen snippets of sheer and silver ribbon; just tied in a knot with the two ends sticking out.  Hot glue again to attach these.

P1170008The cat nudged me as I was taking this picture, so it blurred.  But I kind of LIKE how it turned out!

P1170007Here’s the non-blurry version; and you can see the ribbon I added in this one, along the bottom.

P1170010I made this as a Christmas gift.

Trying to collect up enough ornaments to make one of those ‘big ole’ ornaments COVERED round wreaths.  LOVE those things!!


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  1. Very pretty! Nice job!

  2. Gorgeous! Love those ornaments that look like big pearls. The filler ribbons are a nice touch. I’ll have to remember that.

  3. Beautiful! Love the use of reclaimed vintage bulbs:)

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