Reindeer do-overs

P1170243I NEVER cared for the ‘craclked paint’ look.  Not even back when it was it was really popular.  It’ always looked too FAKE to me!  Now I have seen a very FEW really GOOD crackle painted items over the years, but those were the exception.

P1170242So what in the world possessed me to buy these 2 crackle painted deer?!?!  It wasn’t the faded and dusty burgundy paper ribbon tied around their necks with some dried flowers glued on.


I cut those suckers on as soon as I got home!  (Didn’t even wait to take a picture first!)  I’m actually thinking ahead to NEXT Christmas.  I have a ‘woodland themed’ Christmas planned for my booth at Stars.

P1170297For now, I’ve covered over the ugly crackle paint with vintage sheet music.

P1170296The antlers as feet were the hardest parts to cover.

P1170298It took me about 3 evenings worth of TV time to get them done.  I always tear my strips of paper first; in various sizes.  Big pieces for the big areas and small thin strips for the small areas and corners.  Used regular white glue as my adhesive, brushing it on the strips just before I applied them.


Not sure WHAT I’m going to do to them to ‘finish them.  They are now packed away, with the rest of my Christmas supplies; until next summer when I’ll bring them back out and start working on next years Christmas items for my booth at Stars.  Hopefully by then I’ll have come up with something fabulous for the finishing touch!

zu4564215_main_tm1383857067HAD to laugh when I saw  THIS   while looking through the new offerings on Zulilly this morning!   I actually think these look a bit ‘dorky’ and cartoonish.  The ones I found are a little more ‘elegant’.  At least now I KNOW I need to come up with something MORE than just painting on eyes and hooves!  Which style do you like better?


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  1. Red burlap ribbon tied on would be cute and maybe glitter on just the antlers? Just a thought.

  2. Yours are cuter than the zullily ones. Maybe some of that clear, mica looking glitter on them?

  3. I definitely like yours much better. They are more elegant. I don’t have an idea yet as to how to finish them, but do like them just the way they are. I’m sure you will come up with something wonderful as always.
    Love your blog! Thanks for not taking too much time away. I always look forward to seeing your emails in my inbox!
    We may not always comment but there are many, many of us who are in your corner & extremely thankful for your inspired gift of transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary.
    Have a blessed Christmas & a most warm & happy New Year!

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