Recent thrift store finds

P1170301Mini pie safe!  So cute.

P1170300Missing this piece of wood across the front so it was extra CHEAP!  I can easily fix it!

P1170308Little 2 drawer wood chest.  ACK!  Hate the color and the design!

P1170307But anything with little drawers always sells well.  Just have to decide HOW I want to make it over.

P1170303I have this EXACT same cedar jewelry chest!

P1170304EXACTLY the same picture.

P1170305Inside it a bit marked up, so I may have to put paper on the bottom.  Debating whether I would make-over this one or not???  Whaddya think????

I really want to start going to more estate sales next year and procuring more vintage items that I can sell ‘as is’; as opposed to always making everything over.

P1170306Is this the UGLIEST green color you have ever seen or what?!?!?  WHY would they paint such a pretty faced item such and ugly green?!?!  Poor baby!  I will pretty her up!

P1170311Vintage bird prints in AQUA (but cheap PLASTIC!) frames.

P1170312Cheapo cardboard backings.  ICK.   The pictures were very close to tearing.  I took them out and glued then to some sturdy cardboard.  Then backed that to another piece of cardboard.  Put a little loop of string under that top-notch for hanging.  Scrubbed the frames.  Gave the pictures a good coat of clear spray paint to help preserve them; then put them back together.

P1170313Nice wood chest, about the size of a bread box.  Thinking this might work for the wedding card receptacle at my son’s wedding next August.  (made over, to their preference of course!

P1170314The inside is even completely painted!

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  1. I have that fox & hound cedar box also. It was originally my mother’s, so I wouldn’t alter mine, but it would be cute if it was painted.

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