***SAVINGS ALAERT ***Stencil sale ~ 40% off @ Maison de Stencils

You know all the GREAT sign stencils that I use to make my signs???  Well, a good portion of them (I buy from several different stencil companies) come from  Maison de Stencilsand ALL of their stencils are on sale for 40% off right now.

The sale ends January first though, so click on that link (highlighted above) and go take a peek!  Theirs are the most expensive (and best selling signs!) stencils that I buy; so I really stock up when they have a big sale like this.

Typically, it’s not very cost effective (if your budget is a tight as mine!) to buy a stencil and make your own sign.  Especially if you are only going to use the stencil that one time.  You’d be better off to just buy the sign already made by someone else.

During their 40% off sale, prices are SO GOOD that you can afford to buy a stencil EVEN IF you will only use once.  Their stencils are excellent quality and stand up to DOZENS of usages.

I wasn’t really planning to post today, so I’ve got nothing else to say except. . . .


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