Grubby, crusty, rusty old tool box.


Found it at Stars and HAD to buy it for myself.

P1170529Even MORE rusty on the inside!

P1170531And on the bottom!

So, what do you do with stuff like this when you want to ‘preserve the patina’, but don’t want the rust to progress and get rust dust all over your house and hands every time you touch it?  (Seriously, shedding rust is as bad as glitter, getting all over the place!)

P1170714First you need to remove all the loose rust.  That is actually the hardest part because every time you brush or wipe, you create MORE dust!  Use a soft brush or the dusting tool on a shop vac and get as mush of the loose rust of as you can.  Then gently DAB with a damp paper towel and let dry.

Then give it a couple of good coats of clear spray paint!

P1170715I personally prefer MATTE finish, but it can be hard to find.  Satin will do if you can’t find matte.  The clear spray paint SEALS the surface and stops the progression of the rust; and it sharpens the color a bit.

P1170718It makes the rust look a little darker too, but I’ll deal with that minor issue to NOT have to deal with rust!

I’m keeping this baby!

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