My latest findings

Taking a quick break from painting furniture OUTSIDE . . . seriously!  It is warm enough to paint outside today . . . without a coat even!  Maybe I can finally get caught up on all the outside projects I didn’t get to last summer because it was just too HOT out!

Here are my most recently procured goods:
P1170998I’ve been gathering up dress forms, big and small, for quite a while now.  Soon I shall have myself a mannequin dressing marathon.  (been gathering up clothes for them too!)  This is just a small one, 19″ tall, but I can see her with a big lacey tutu type skirt and maybe some wings.

P1170999I don’t usually go for metallic stuff, but for some reason I really liked this gold box.  Trying to add some more variety and ‘different’ elements to my booth st Stars; and this matte gold box just caught my eye!

P1180002Little metal frame.

P1180003HUGE round finials.  Much bigger than you usually see!  NINE of them!

P1180007Unique oval ironstone platters.

P1180009I typically look for ‘just white’ for the vintage dishware for my booth.  Again, for the same of expanding my repertoire, I got these with a mustard color trim.  They are smaller than the typical oval dinner platter.  Another reason I really liked them!



Jars and bottles.

P1180014Angels and cherubs.


P1180023Vintage Madonna vase and baby booties vase.

P1180030HUGE aqua bottle and smaller, lighter one.


Set of four bunny napkin rings.

Time to get back outside to my many painting projects!  Happy SUNNY Sunday everyone!

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  1. Must be nice to be able to be outside. Not here in the frozen north.

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