Silver and gold

I don’t usually go for silver and gold things.  BUT, I am making a sincere effort to expand my repertoire when it comes to stock for my booth at Stars and trying new things.

P1180339My love of boxes and things that you can put other things in is what first caught my eye with this box.  (It’s much MORE ‘sparkly’ in person; the silver stripes are GLITTERY)

P1180340You can see a little more of the sparkle in this photo.

P1180341Spotting this gold matte box nearby is actually what ‘sold’ me on the silver box.  I really liked how they looked together!

P1180345Clean innards?  check!

P1180344But the paper on the lid was tearing away a bit where the ribbon was attached.  I removed the ribbon and added new paper to the top and bottom.

P1180377I had a more difficult time than I had expected, finding the right paper to add to the inside of this box!  The ‘white’ stripes were actually very YELLOW-ish!  All my yellow papers were TOO yellow and all my white ones too white!  I settled on some stitched white that had a little sparkle to go with the silver.  The piece on the inside of the lid, perfectly covered the area that was torn from the ribbon.


Here on the bottom, you can better see how yellow the inside of the box is, compared to the newly added white paper.  The stitching and the sparkles help it blend in though.


I just measure, cut (using my big paper cutter) and glue with tacky glue.


A sheer tulle bow adds the perfect finishing touch!

The gold box had clean innards too, but I wasn’t terribly fond of the glossy black.  I added some hand made and stitched paper.

P1180360I suppose I could have, and maybe SHOULD have, papered over the entire black inside of the gold box.  But just doing the top and bottom was really enough to brighten it up.   I just didn’t feel the extra work to do the sides, and upping the price to cover the additional work was worth it.

P1180358A pretty bow and a key soften the gold a bit.


I could almost KEEP it for myself now!



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  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying your blog. Keep writing! 🙂

  2. Love this box!

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