Shabby white drop leaf coffee table

DRAT!  Yet again I have lost or forgotten to take a before photo!  This was just a basic maple wood coffee table with drop sides.   The top was pretty badly scratched up, so the price was low.P1180649I LOVE drop leaf furniture!!!  Compact when you need it to be and roomy when you need the room.   I painted this coffee table white and wasn’t planning on distressing it.  But something floating in the air while the paint was wet got stuck in the paint.  I had to sand it to get the crud off before I could paint it again, and decided to call it good after just the sanding.

P1180647Much less distressing than I typically do, because I wasn’t planning to distress it, I had given it several layers of paint.  I do fewer layers of paint when I’m planning to distress. (because WHY do lots of layers if you are just going to sand it off, right?!?)

P1180648I just sanded enough to get the ‘crud’ off; then hit the edges a little harder.

P1180650A bit of distressing along the drop leafs, and I left the legs NOT distressed.

A quick couple of coats of varnish on the top and drop sides and she’s ready for a new home.  (perhaps MY home!  I haven’t decided just yet!)

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