I bought a HORSE!

P1180805No, not a REAL horse!  A heavy (I could barely lift it into my cart!) solid wood horse, that I ‘think’ used to be painted like a carousel horse; and someone painted it brown.  (can see a few spots of color where the brown paint is chipped.)

P118080631″ tall, and about 30 pounds!

P1180810But his TAIL is missing!?!?!?  Another customer in the thrift store actually stopped me and asked to look at it after I had put it in my cart.  She said it was just like one she had.  I asked her what the original tail looked like.  she told me it was carved wood, just like the rest of the horse.  I seriously doubt that I can carve a new tail for it, so I’m thinking maybe a just twine tail??  (Other recommendations are welcome!)

P1180809It’s a pretty good size ‘tail hole’ to fill too!  Can you see some bits of yellow, green and blue paint showing through some of the chipped spots?

P1180808Kind of reminds me of the big horses in front of P.F. Changs restaurant.

P1180813NOW I just need to decide what color to repaint it?!?!?!  I’m leaning towards a ‘putty’ color, then distressing a LOT.  What would YOU do if you had one??

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  1. I would ‘bronze’ him. But then he would need a gold tail, not twine.

    Ann Burt
    Public Affairs
    11.023 / ext. 4024

  2. I would either sand it down to its original wood or silver/gold leaf it. Since it looks like the Chang’s horse…you could do a cropped tail with some bamboo skewers tied together and glued at an angle into the hole. I would leaf the skewers to match if needed.

  3. I had a similar horse and sprayed him high gloss white and sold for a very high price

  4. I used to make rocking horses (strange but true) and I’d thing an unravelled twine tail would be fine. if you’re going to do that, paint the horse to go with the tail; so a pale putty with lots of distressing would be good.

  5. Make that ‘ think’, not ‘thing’. 😉

  6. I think an antique copper or bronze color would be great. What about a raffia tail?

  7. Too bad there’s not a solid way to remove the top layer of paint and attempt to capture the original colors. I think it’s a shame that someone covered it up. It’s a beautiful find. My first reaction for a tail is some type of organic element, but even a piece of wooden architectural salvage might work, like an old corbel…?

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