The Next Chapter . . . continued ( A BIG twist in the story!)

So, things were moving right along. I’ve been working away to be ready for the move.  Figured out who would keep what of our shared possessions.   Started shopping for the things I knew I’d need; a new vacuum, a blender, a toaster, shower curtain, plunger  . . . all that FUN stuff you need in a home.
~::~  (so if you are wondering what this > ~::~ is; it’s a spacer for paragraphs because for some reason I can’t get them to separate any other way just now, and I hate reading blogs that don’t use paragraphs because they are nearly impossible to read!)
I EVEN allowed myself to ‘splurge’ a little on some ‘pretties’ when I could find them at the right price.  Although since I’ve been ‘packing as I go’ I have a feeling I have forgotten half the stuff I bought!  Gonna be like Christmas when I unpack at the new place!
Made my list of people and places that I’ll need to give my new address and phone number, and list of ‘other stuff to do’ like order new checks when I have the new address; change the address on my PayPal account.  Had to decide who will keep the cat.  Michael won that decision primarily because Spike to TOO FAT for me to carry to the vet for his shots! (but I will continue to split the cost of his care)
I was really feeling like I ‘had a handle’ on the whole thing . . . .
Then, out of the blue a couple of weeks ago I get an email from my son.  “We need to talk about your move.  Can you meet me for lunch this week?” I FREAKED!  I kid you not, I went into instant PANIC mode.  Told him that while I could meet him for lunch, I could NOT wait until then to hear what I assumed  could only be BAD news about my move to the apartments!  I told him I had the move VERY well planned out, money saved to hire movers . .  . everything.  WHAT could he possible need to talk to me IN PERSON about?!?!?!
We scheduled lunch but I IMPLORED him to tell me “what was up” because I could only imagine the WORST!  So, he told me that he and Megan (his fiance’) just hated the thought of me throwing away my money to rent an apartment for the rest of my life, and that they had decided that they were in a position to help me by buying a house to rent to me.
WHAaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?  Um, you have a wedding to plan and should be shopping for your OWN home right now!  You don’t have time to shop for a house for me?!??!  Actually they had already been looking and already had a few prospects!  Who IS this young man and what has he done with my SON?!?!  Of course I’d LOVE to live in a house as opposed to an apartment, but it seems like a lot for them to take on right now.  He said, “We’re good.  Work is a little slower now.”
So, I guess my son and future daughter in law are ‘house shopping; for me.  Nothing fancy,  Probably a fixer upper; just cosmetic stuff, nothing structural.  I’m fine with that.  Then the phone rings on Saturday, it’s my son  He tells me to go check my messages on Facebook because he sent me a link to a house and that he’s going to put in an offer on it!!!
It’s ADORABLE!!!  A petite 1950’s bungalow with a white picket fence?!?!?  Are you kidding me?!?!  And a GARAGE for me to use as a workshop!  SCORE.

AND it’s MOVE -In ready!!  Which I would really, REALLY love so as to not have extra work for my son to have to do (or arrange to have done) at this already very busy time in his life.  I love the location.  Walking distance to Farmers Market.  And the front yard is ‘dog ready’ and fully fenced.  (back yard fence needs dome repair)  I have been dog-less for way too long!!


Please say a prayer that their bid on this house is accepted.
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  1. Wow! I’m thrilled for you!! The house is Amazingly adorable. And your son! And your future daughter in law! Wow. You raised him well!

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  2. It makes me so sad that you and Michael are going separate ways. I’ve been following you for a long time. The house your son has found for you is adorable and I would love it myself. The best of luck to you and I always look forward to your beautiful ideas.

  3. Praying for you! That house is adorable!!!

  4. Good luck with your new adventure. I hope you get the house. It’s perfect for you!

  5. I love the house, looks perfect and cute. I’ve always wanted a white picket fence.

  6. What an awesome son you have! That house is too cute and a garage too!!!!!! I couldn’t imagine you in an apartment trying to do all your painting projects. Hope the bid is accepted!!!

  7. How wonderful! You are blessed!

  8. You are blessed!

  9. prayers going your way from Texas. I love the way the house is your favorite color blue. wishing you the best

  10. Sad that one phase of your life is ending, but happy a new phase is beginning. Love the house! Prayers from Oklahoma for the bid to be accepted. 🙂

  11. The house is adorable. Am happy for you. Will pray for the offer to go through. Hugs and prayers.

  12. OMgootness! I’m so excited for you. The house is sweet & I’m praying for you. Anita

  13. Sending prayers your way from Indiana. Hope all things work for the best!

  14. Wow, that is such a wonderful action on your son and daughter in law- to-be’s part The place looks perfect! Continued blessings to you.

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