Not ANOTHER ‘country heart’ cut-out shelf?!?!?!

****  QUICK HOUSE UPDATE:  Did NOT get the house.  There were 7 other offers on it and we were outbid.  Back to the drawing board.  *****

Yep.  Another country heart cut out shelf!  BUT a completely different style of one than I have ever re-made OR even SEEN before!

P1170995Except for the heart, I kinda LIKE the style of the shelf.  It has a white wash paint finish that I actually liked too!

P1170996But that heart has GOT to go!


 Disguising this particular heart cut out proved to be quite the challenge!  It wasn’t a piece that I could ‘just remove’ as I have on some in the past.  And none of the carved wood appliques I had ‘fit’ perfectly over the heart.  So I used TWO appliques, but still had a gap in the center.  Added a strip of thin wood BEHIND the two appliques to fill in the gap, AND had to fill the very corners with some putty!  WHEW!  A lot of work, but well worth it to cover up that heart cut out, no?

P1190008Even JUST adding a backing to ‘open back’ shelves like this, ‘ups’ their value and sales-ability.  A couple of times I have just repainted similar open back shelves and NOT added a backing.  I noticed that THOSE take much longer to sell.  Add a back and BAM!  They sell!


I ALWAYS paint my shelf BEFORE I add the backing.  (fewer tight corners to have to paint!)  And paint the backing before attaching it. (SEEMS like it would be more work this way, but it really IS faster!)  This particular backing I opted to glue on vintage dictionary pages on the backing instead of painting.


I painted this self a putty color and distressed it.

P1190013This shelf will be going to my booth at Stars soon.


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  1. That is a fine looking redo!
    (Sorry about the house.)

  2. I like your idea of covering the country heart with the wood applique.
    Too bad about the house.

  3. God must have other plans for you, but darn it! I was rooting for you and that house. I like all your creative ideas for going beyond just slapping a different color of paint on something. Really artistic and open mind. That’s why I love your blog!

  4. That is a bummer about the house. 😦

  5. Sorry to hear about the house too……something even better is waiting.

  6. I just found your blog through Pinterest & started scrolling through…love the shelf make over! My husband takes a hole saw big enough to cut a circle out around the heart & either he cuts a wood plug with the same hole saw to fill the hole with, then use filler to make smooth (or add decorative carvings over) or I sand the raw edges smooth & put a metal star over the open circle. if that’s the look I’m going for.

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