Dollar store prayer candles

P1180905I started with the tall plain white prayer candles from Dollar Tree.  You CAN buy them lots of other places, but not for just $1.00.  And the more expensive ones are EXACTLY the same.

P1180904They are ALL filled with plain old boring white paraffin wax.  And they are always only filled to 2-3 inches below the top AND always have lots of extra wick!

P1180906WHY are those last 2 facts important??? Because you can add some of your YUMMY smelling melted candle was to the TOP of them.  Just leave 1/4″ of the wick, and be sure your wick stays in the center.  Also BECAUSE you are only ‘topping off’ with the scented wax, you want to be sure your decorative paper covers ALL the way around so the ugly wax line doesn’t show.

P1180907I took these black tea light holders (turned upside down!) and used them as bases to put my candles on!

P1180908Feeling pretty darn clever for thinking of that one!

P1180909This is how the tea light holders are supposed to be used!


These will be headed to Stars soon, along with that batch of black finials I showed you a while back.


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  1. what a great idea! and I love how you decorated them.. thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. I was wondering about the topping off of the candles. Do you make that yourself or can just melt some old scented candles? Thanks again!

  3. I either use a scented candle that I already have or sometimes I melt a scented tart.

  4. WHERE do you find all of the neat old keys you use in/on your projects? love the music paper ideas too! thanks for sharing your ideas!! 🙂

    • Some of the keys (like the little ones on the candles shown) are from Craft Wholesalers. The vintage ones I usually find at the antique mall or rummage sales. I have found some of them on etsy too.

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