OUTDATED / UPDATED: Gaudy gold cherub

Gold is an interesting color.  It can be elegant, delicate or GAUDY.  The ‘gaudy’ gold things are the ones I usually find while thrifting’ like this reclining cherub statue:

P1180319I really can’t even put my finger on exactly ‘what it is’ that makes this gold item seem ‘gaudy’ to me???  Maybe because it’s a burnished, almost ‘dirty’ looking gold?

P1180320Or maybe it’s the darker coloration in the crevasses and details?

P1180321Or maybe it’s just that it’s a BIG piece that make it feel gaudy?  Regardless of why . . . . it needed a make over!


White spray paint to the rescue!  I use spray paint on things like this that have lots of nooks and crannies to get paint into.


MUCH easier to spray it in than brush it in; and on projects that you are doing to sell, TIME is money too!  Then on to the distressing.

P1190127A good once over with some sand paper and it’s looking old and weathered.

P1190124I could/should have spent more time on the sanding; working sore specifically WITH the details, to being them out more.  But my carpal tunnel is getting pretty bad, so my best will have to be good enough.

P1190130How cute are those little feet?!?!

P1190128Available for purchase in my booth at Stars.



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