Vintage Paris style: black and tan table


This ‘ole thang’ was actually the middle table from a set of three nesting tables that I ordered from a Spiegel catalog about 20 years ago!  Back when I was into a country style  and Hunter Green decorating style.  (ACK!)

P1190271I can’t even tell you how many times they have been painted, sanded and repainted over the years.  On the largest of the three I had painted an american flag to go with my red, white and blue Americana decorating theme.  I remember selling that when we had our store and I had a ‘primitive estate sale’ at the store, to get rid of ALL my primitive decor.

P1190272Can’t even remember what became of the smallest one.  This one had been STAINED hunter green.  And that stain would NOT sand out.  So painting it black was really my only option.  If you look really close, you can see a few bits of that green showing through in the spots where it’s been distressed.  I stenciled a design in the center to draw the eye away from that green.

P1190275I left the legs black.  I like the contrast of the table top and legs being different colors.

P1200070And here it is, in my booth st Stars . . . buried at the bottom of a display!

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  1. Love the work you do! Beautiful!

  2. looks GREAT!!

  3. Awww that table need to come out of there – people should see the beautiful top! It would most certainly sell at a heartbeat, you also should’nt even worry about the bit o green showing – i personally think it could add value to the piece!!

  4. Hi, I think this table is absolutely adorable and would purchase it in a heartbeat if I stayed close to you and had a place for it.

    What I like a lot (besides the contrast of the black legs) is the fact that the stencil is not “hard” / dark – it also seems faded a bit like the rest of the top!

    Did you sand over it before you sealed it or did you purposely did a light stenciling?

    Oh and thanx, jst love ur work and also love that I am getting your news letters!!!!


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    Tell: 011 900 2580 Ext: 122

    Fax: 086 572 5867 /

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    • Yes, I sanded over the stenciled design before I varnished the top.


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