I’m DYING in this heat!!! Pictures of the new place!

ACK!  This heat just sucks the LIFE out of me!  It was SO hot yesterday during my garage sale. Despite the heat, I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout, and how well the sale went.  I set up the tables outside (cuz the garage is FULL of other stuff!) and had just enough room at the front of the garage to set up a small table (pay station) and chair for me to sit on and NOT be in the sun.  Still, my face was BEET RED, by the end of the sale.

I THOUGHT I was going to tackle the rest of the garage today.  HA!  I managed to drive one carload of sale leftovers to Goodwill, and take down my sale signs, water my recently planted flowers in the front yard; and I was ready for a nap!  After noon the garage is just TOO hot to work in for any length of time.  It really never even cooled off last night.  Sure hope it cools down tonight.

I’ve made SOME progress inside.  It’s ‘livable’ at least.  The hardest part has been finding my ‘purse spot’ and my glasses spotS (yes, plural!)  The way this place is laid out, there really isn’t a ‘logical’ place for me to set my purse when I walk in the door.   And I have at least six pairs of reading glasses.  (Thank goodness for Dollar Tree reading glasses!)

One pair in my purse, that STAY in my purse.  One pair by the computer.  One pair on the craft table.  One in my bedroom, and one in the living room.  Basically, I keep a pair anywhere that I might need them because I HATE having to stop what I am doing to hunt down my reading glasses!  But unless I have a specific SPOT in each room to put them, I tend to take them off and lay them down anywhere.

Things are still ‘in progress’ a bit, but here are a few pictures.

P1210243Here’s a reminder of what I had to work with in the living room.  Hardly any wall space.  sigh.  And that fireplace is just SO ‘in your face’ when you walk in the front door.  blah!!

P1210377This picture was taken from the same vantage point as the previous picture.  LOTS of shelves!  These shelves were in my craft room at the old place.  But the craft room here is too small for them.  The living room somewhat serves as my ‘studio’ also.  Many of the ‘decor items’ on the shelves are actually ‘supplies’.

P1210346This chest of drawers is on the right hand wall.  I’ve actually already changed up the items sitting on it!
P1210350Santos statue with glitter wings (separate pieces) behind it.

P1210347End table next to my recliner.  Thrifted cherub lamp that I repainted and added a separately thrifted shade to.


P1210353Tomato cage lamp that I made.

P1210351Wire cloche and pedestal with ceramic bird vase and silk flowers. (flowers from dollar store!)

P1210354This chest is on the left side of the living room, and in this picture was just being used as a ‘catch all’ for stuff I didn’t know what to do with.  I have to leave the top of this ‘clear’ as it has to serve as my ‘packing station’ for etsy.  It works well for that purpose as it;s just high enough that I don’t have to crouch over to reach, and I can keep all my packing supplies in the drawers!

P1210355Shelves!  I’ve actually already moved those globes on the top to a different spot.  (a shelf mounted on the wall above the chest in the previous pic)

P1210358This vintage thrifted shelf was in my bedroom, on top of my dresser in my old place.  Here it serves as the TV stand, and storage space for buttons and lace crafting supplies.

P1210359The shelf to the right of the TV.  These globes have been moved also, so now ALL of my cream/tan ones are displayed together.  My pitcher collection really GREW during the year that I was readying for my move.  I was packing them as I found them and ended up with WAY more than I thought I had by the time I unpacked them all!  Had to ‘pick and choose’ which ones to ‘keep and display’.  The rest are packed away for now.  Might take them to my booth, or maybe sell them as a lot on etsy.  Any of you collect this particular shape too, and looking to add to your collection?

P1210360Filling in the corner space where the shelves don’t quit meet.

P1210361I collected five of these ‘conservatoires /cages’, and really envisioned them being displayed together.  Still working on that.  Supplies stored inside them!

P1210365My armillary collection atop one of the tall white shelves.

P1210364Bird houses and cages next to the armillaries.

P1210366Did you notice what was hanging inside those two cages???  I’m SO tickled that I thought of hanging these sweet glitter chandelier ornaments INSIDE the bird cages!

P1210367I have had these chandelier orns for YEARS and could never figure out WHAT to do to display them!  I just had them tacked to a bulletin board for years trying to figure out WHAT to do with them.  Just happened to unpack them at the very time that I was trying to figure out what to put inside the bird cages!  TA~DA!

P1210368Initially I thought I was going to end up with a place with TWO bathrooms; because nearly ALL two-bedroom apartments nowadays have 2 bathrooms.  So I bought ‘stuff’ for 2 bathrooms, and the bird decor stuff was going to be used to decorate one of the bathrooms.

P1210372My baby sized saddle shoes collection has gotten so big that it now needs to ‘be contained’ instead of scattered throughout the room.  This blue wire lantern works perfectly.  And when it’s full, I promise I will stop buying them.

P1210375OOPS!  I lied!  My ‘blue and white’ saddle shoe collection is in the lantern.  I just HAD to display the brown ones with my grubby books!


Vintage rotary dial phone that I found in another booth at Stars and HAD to have.  No, it doesn’t work, but I still LOVE it.  Wire crate filled with my finials awaiting use in new projects.

P1210373Jars of shells and shell encrusted balls that I made.

P1210348ACK!!!  I am SO embarrassed to show you THIS part of the room, but I’ve got to ‘keep it real’.  This is what the area behind my recliner looks like!  Most of that is inventory for Stars.  Once I get the garage completely situated, I HOPE there will be room for all of it in the garage.  Then I hope to find a vintage daybed to put there.  Right now, the only places to sit in the living room are a recliner or a wood rocking chair.  Since I’m not able to have a ‘guest room’ I figure the daybed is the next best thing.

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  1. Ah at last your in ur new place, may you be happy there…….oh b.t.w. ur birdies are missing their crowns haha

  2. You need a warehouse for inventory!

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