My bedroom in the new place is ‘situated’, but by no means DONE.

P1210320It’s VERY small, and there is practically NO wall space.  Not even enough room for my old door headboard!  sigh.  Since I elected to put all the white shelves from my former craft room in the new living room; I had these two shelves to find a use for.  Decided to use them instead of night stands, and for extra storage.  No room to hang my silver angel wings either.  (they were above the old door head-board before).  Michael cut a long piece of wood for me to put across the top of the two shelves for a bit of ‘display space’.  These two shelves and the board across the top will be painted white eventually.
P1210321On the left side of the shelf is a small lamp and part of my vintage fan collection.

P1210322Then my ‘heads’ (which I sometimes use in my booth to display crowns).

P1210323My angel wings are propped in the center of the shelf as there is literally NO place to hang them in this room.  The back wall has the bed and shelves; left side is a sliding glass door.  Yes, in the BEDroom!  The closet is on the right side and takes up nearly the entire wall, except for a small area where the bedroom door opens to.  The wall with the entry door on it is just big enough for my dresser.

But it was my CHOICE to use the smaller room as my bedroom and the bigger (albeit only slightly bigger!) room for my craft room.  Priorities!


Next on the shelf is a little collection of crowns.  (the larger two are actually ‘candle rings’!)

P1210325All the was over to the right now is then one more fan, a frame and an ‘almost matching the one on then other side’ lamp.

P1210327All of the ‘containers’ on the shelves that flank my bed contain craft supplies.  The two ‘books’ on the top shelf are fake book boxes.  A few more little crowns.

P1210326Right side of the bed shelf.  The two tiny birds on the left are actually mini slat and pepper shakers that I found at the thrift store.


I’ve since found several more of these sets; which are now stocked in my booth at Stars.  (no crowns on these though; just in case the buyer wants to actually USE them for their intended purpose!)

P1210334Burlap drapes will probably end up being changed out eventually. (I envision using the assorted mis-matched white and ivory lace curtains that I have collected.)   This window faces west and my bedroom gets almost as hot as it is outside in the evening.  There are vertical blinds, which don’t do squat to keep any light or heat out.  I went hunting for some ‘matchstick’ blinds to hang OUTSIDE to provide some shade, but all I could find was white vinyl ones.  I bought 3 of them to shade that entire side of the house, but just hung one first to see how it worked.

 ZERO shade from it, so I returned the 2 unopened ones; then Michael helped me hang some of that metallic thermal sheeting stuff on the inside of the window. (6 layers of duct tape later and I THINK it’s finally staying put!)   But it was only enough to cover one side of the window, so I taped paper over the other side; then hung the burlap drapes.  Even with those FOUR layers; white shade outside, stuff covering the windows, the vertical blinds and the burlap drapes . . .it STILL gets crazy HOT in that room.

I do have a ‘room air conditioner’, in the living room, but that is the only room it cools.  I couldn’t put one in the bedroom even if I wanted to because the sliding door is the ONLY window, and the only ‘back door’ fire escape.    Oh and the white shade that I had hanging on the outside, blew apart after a week, so I returned it also.  sigh.  Definitely must PLAN something more effective for next year.   This year I really just had to ‘make do’!
P1210332My cute ‘pouty face baby boy’ thrift store find on one side of the window.  I bought this intending to sell it in my booth at Stars, but I just HAD to keep it!

P1210333Cute little girls pic on the other side.  (also a thrift find)

P1210328And my vintage night-shirt hanging in that little bit of space on the closet side wall.  In my previous bedroom, this nightshirt hung on the window, in front of the lace curtains.  (this area gets covered up when the bedroom door is open though!)

Previous bedroom.  I later added a white fabric rose garland across the top.


And the dresser wall.  Just enough room for a waste basket on the right and a chair.

P1210712I did find room to hang my big key collection, but that is IT for wall hanging space.  Again, all the containers are ‘functional’ and filled with craft supplies, mostly paper craft stuff and some jewelry making supplies.  This shelf will also be getting painted white . . .eventually.

P1210329Upcycled vintage wire lampshade ‘cloche’ sits atop a stack of boxes filled with paper craft supplies.  ‘A pair of glasses in every room’ is my philosophy!  I hate stopping what I am doing to go hunt down my reading glasses when I need to read something.  I just buy a handful of them at the dollar store and put a pair in every room and one in my purse, of course.

P1210330Grouping of botanicals on top of the shelf that is on top of the dresser.  The jar on the left actually has a removable jar candle inside another jar, (so the berries are ‘sandwiched’ between glass) in the center.  Very pretty with the light flickering through.

P1210331I really don’t NEED a lamp here, but I’ve accumulated a few too many lamps and simply have no place to store them.  I was intending to paint this cool oblong shade  and put a little ‘night light’ under it.  Just happened to find the perfect oblong lamp base at the thrift store that perfectly fit the shade.  Still, may eventually try to paint or stencil it.

P1210320And that’s my tiny boudoir.  Except I usually have the bed MADE and a pile of pillows on it.

Hopefully I’ll have time ‘after the summer heat and before the fall rain starts up’ to get all this stuff painted.  At least it will be super easy to just carry it all out the sliding glass door onto the patio for painting!

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  1. I think you have done a terrific job making your new home yours while making adjustments for size. Moving always involves trade offs and you have done well in that area. I think you need something on the patio door that will block sun/heat and the cold that will come later. Glass just transfers the temps on the other side; cold or hot. At one time JC Penny online had light/sun blocking under drapes/curtains that I purchased for a very sunny climate and they worked wonders. Of course they needed something pretty on the room side. They were similar to the light blocking back drapes in hotels….worked like a charm.
    Good Luck

  2. Hope you have good Renters Insurance. That is a LOT of stuff! Really like your use of pretty boxes and suitcases for storage.

    Good luck with that heat transfer problem. Have you looked into the heat block film that is used on windows?

    • Yes, I have good renters insurance. Nothing ‘of real value’ according to insurance standards though! (jewelry, furs, designer clothes/shoes, boat, guns, artwork . . .etc.) Seriously, I did not have ONE thing on the list of stuff they rattle off when you get the policy.

      Definitely looking into that film for the windows and heat blocking drapes. AND planter boxes on the patio with lattice and ‘something that grows tall (and fast!) to create some shade!


  3. AJ you have done a FANTASTIC (yes I’m yelling) job of decorating and incorporating your useful boxes and suitcases and other storage items disguising your craft supplies!! I know there are blackout curtains because my son had them in his bedroom at his house! That would make a huge difference. If windows aren’t seen by the public you can cover with aluminum foil til you get the drapes 🙂

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